January 7, 2019


Aurora, Colorado (Alameda Spanish Ward)


McKayla Thomas

5 days and counting left of being a teen

Hola Amigos y Familia!
Another amazing and adventurous week has come and gone! First off, Happy New Year a todos! I cannot believe it is 2019 and I am going to be 20 in 5 days. Since I will no longer be a teen, I thought I would enlighten you all on what I have learned in the last 2 decades:
1. When it snows people forget how to drive
2. You can do and become anything you want if you put your mind to it
3. Stuart Little was the best invention because people can say/remember my name because of it
4. Spanish is the celestial language
5. Every day is full of blessings
6. Nothing is too little to Heavenly Father
7. Yogurt is still the worst, I have been giving it a shot again and chills
8. Dios nos ama a todos
9. Ice Cream can heal anything
10. Colorado is the best
There you go. A slight bit of knowledge from yours truly, Hermana Solis.
Anyways, this week was crazy good. The highlight was preparing our 8 year old to be baptized on Saturday. It was so fun to share that experience with him and his family. And I got to meet so many wonderful people at the baptism it was great!
We saw the nasiest, huggiest raccoons at night crawl into a storm drain. My fear of drains is not going anywhere. And this squirrel nearly jumped on us and gave us a heart attack! A dog waiting to attack until we said "this apartment complex is kinda creepy" then barked out of control and made us run half a block, screaming it was so scary.
And then something I am doing for the new year, is I got a planner and I am writing a memory in it everyday so I have something to look back on and make me smile! It is the best.
Well I hope everyone has a good week!
See you this year and talk to you when I am not a teen
Con Amor
Hermana Stewart
1/2- My District
3- my new friend who is so cute and perfect
4- Shoutout to Amanda!
5- The Elders playing a special number during a role play
6- Snow came eventually and now it is gone
7- my companion thinks it is funny I look like my singing elephant
8/9- New Years eve photo shoots in really mis matching clothing but "it defines who I am"


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