June 14, 2018


CCM Mexico, Mexico City


Annie Ellis (FL) and Rachell Kellogg (ID)

The only constant thing about Missions are...

Hola Amigos y familia,
The answer to the prompt above is change. Lots of changes this week. I did not move into a Latino district but my companion did so I am in a trio now. My new companions are awesome. Hermana Ellis is from Florida and Hermana Kellogg is from Idaho. They are both going to Mesa Arizona on their missions. We had a curveball thrown at us and we got moved into a new house that is much farther away from everything. But the house and our room is a ton nicer so we do not mind it.

My Latino district left this week. Crying. I miss them. They were so fun. Last week on P day, my district and their district played volleyball together. It was awesome. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. It is a testament that love and good times has no language boundaries. Every meal with them was a fiesta. They really help you with learning new words, are willing to learn them in english, and constantly make you laugh. It was the best. My district and I are playing volleyball again today which will still be fun but not the same without them.

Elder Renlund was here at the CCM. He is my favorite apostle and church leader. I got to shake his hand, tell him where I was from and he thanked me for choosing to serve a mission. His talk was so inspiring. My favorite thing he said was that a mission is more than a place. It is not about where you go but it is about the people you are there to serve and love. I wish I could convey into words the love I have for the Latino people. They have won my whole heart. And my whole heart is in Denver. In 2 days I will be done with my fourth week which means I will have 2 weeks left before I am in Denver which is so exciting.

The flood gates have opened. It has been pouring rain every day this week and it will probably be like that until I leave. It is a nice break from the heat but shoes form a lake every time I walk outside.

One amazing blessing is that my district was selected to work with a Latino district twice a week so we get to speak straight Spanish all day. I learn a ton but it also makes me feel like I have a long ways to go. Which I do but I know with diligent study and faith it will come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful. The Church is true and God loves you. Or has we say in Spanish Dios nos ama.
Hermana Stewart


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