February 6, 2017


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Bosch

Change of Heart

Buenos dias! Como estan todos??

This weeks been a little bit different; but most honestly a change of heart! After the world wide missionary broadcast, we've all been trying to focus more on our purpose. Through a simplification of the indicators we report, we've been able to focus more on individuals and their needs. I've noticed the difference in myself as we teach lessons - it threw us off a little bit in the begging, but I love it! IT'S WICKED COOL.

We also had our meeting in Albuquerque last week! We received a TON of trainings - now that accountability on number has been cut down a lot, we received more trainings than normal. It was awesome - we learned so much and were able to share that with our missionaries here in the El Paso Zone.

​I wanted to share something cool from this week. I wrote this in my email to President today:​

We had a cool experience this last week getting a new: Irvin Licon is a youth from our ward who told us a couple weeks ago that he wanted us to come over because he thought he had a friend who would like to hear the gospel! We were super excited! The time and date we set up didn't end up working out but this last week we were finally able to meet his friend Ale. She is 18 and her and Irvin have been friends since middle school. They didn't used to get along but became friends later during school. We asked about what led to Ale meeting with us. Irvin started telling us that he had been making not-so-good decisions and doing things that he wasn't supposed too. He came home late one night and his Mom was really worried asking where he'd been. He realized in that moment that he needed to and wanted to change for his family, because it's the only thing he has. The next day he started talking to Ale and she told him that she had been praying that someone close to her would come closer to God! Eventually the subject of missionaries would it's way into the conversation and we were there teaching Ale and Irvin together. It's a small and simple miracle - but we hope that with hard work and diligence great things shall be brought to pass. For we know that Heavenly Father has trusted us to assist in "bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of His children"! Heavenly Father's so cool!!

​We're having another special meeting next week in Albuquerque. A former Mission President (President Donaldson) will be visiting the mission! It's a little bit different because he asked to have a cross section of the mission; so missionaries from all different lengths of time and experience. But we're leadership so we automatically get to go - so blessed! Only specifically picked missionaries will be attending so it's gonna be a fun road trip up with elders and sisters from the zone!

I testify that your Father in Heaven loves you and knows you perfectly! No other knowledge in the world could help me more, than to know that His purpose is that I might have joy! And all my brothers and sisters as well! Love you all! Happy February! 😃

Hermana Bigley


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