January 30, 2017


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Bosch

A Gospel of Change...

January 30th! We're almost into February - I can't believe it!!

This week's been jam packed and wonder filled! We had 3 exchanges this week with our Sisters and we love each and every one of them so much! It's such a blessing to learn from all of their individual talents and areas. I love each of their individual spirits and to see how much Heavenly Father loves his children.

Here's exchanges summed up into one: 1. Miracles! We have a couple more investigators with baptismal date - they are GOLDEN and the coolest part is they are all family of our recent convert Norma. 2. We are all at different stages and planes of life; but we can always find similarities rather than the differences! 3. Even if it's not in the time frame we'd like, God always gives us opportunities to see the people we love.

We also had the semi-annual worldwide missionary broadcast this week; BIG CHANGES TO THE MISSION FIELD! It's kind of hard to understand if you haven't been a missionary - but basically they gave the missionaries a lot more flexibility in using their agency to determine how they spend their time. We also got two more hours added to our preparation day - I think my favorite quote from the broadcast was what Elder Anderson said, "There was probably a huge uproar across the world with the P-day changes when there probably shouldn't have been." Hahaha - so we start P-day at 8:00 now.......and we spent the two extra hours shopping today haha.......don't worry I don't have enough money to spend on lots of frivolous things anyway.

But the changes are exciting. They have helped us to focus more on our purpose. I think it will bring out the real deal in missionaries. It's a type of thinking that we haven't had to do before; but the Lord is truly hastening His work!

We have our Missionary Leadership Coordination (MLC) meeting in Albuquerque tomorrow so we'll be traveling up tonight!

I'm so grateful for the plan of happiness. Tomorrow there will be a training on "Overcoming the Fear to Act." It was a great discussion starter to ask people what helps them overcome fear, and the majority probably said being prepared! To have a plan! "Be prepared and ye shall not fear!" God's plan is perfect and our purpose in His plan is to have joy!

I Love you all!

Hermana Bigley


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