January 23, 2017


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Bosch

Charity - the pure Love of Christ


Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write today but I'll give you some of the briefs:

We were able to go to a baptism this week for one of the companionships in our Zone and it was awesome! There were 6 sets of missionaries there and it was such a cool experience to be supporting one another! One of the sister missionaries organized everything so me and Hermana Bosch, her companionship, the elders and our investigators had a ride from members to the baptism! It was awesome to have so many different missionaries there and their investigators! The Elders also sprung a 10 minute Restoration lesson on us last minute; they asked if we could teach it while their investigator was changing back into normal clothes. I was so nervous because we didn't practice our Spanish before hand - but it turned out to be the most spiritual part of the baptism; Heavenly Father always hears our prayers!

We've also had a new years resolution to do service for EVERY family in the ward! We won't take "just praying" anymore - we want to help! 😃 So far we have at least 4 planned hours to help out members this week and we look forward to more!

A caption for these pictures would be: "When your Mcdonald's gift card is for $5.00 and your receipt is $4.75!" #score

Love you all, have a blessed week!

Hermana Bigley


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