January 9, 2017


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Bosch


Buenos Dias!!

We had a great week down here in El Paso! We had a baptism on Saturday for a 10 year old named Franco - he is the funniest kid ever! In every lesson we would ask him who he wanted to say the closing prayer and he ALWAYS pointed straight to his grandma! EVERY TIME. It was super funny! We are so proud of him for being baptized and we know his family was touched by the service.

During the baptism we tried something new that our mission president wanted us to try: We taught a 10 minute Restoration lesson while he was changing and the spirit was incredibly strong. I wrote this insight to my mission president today and wanted to share it with all of you:

​"​I reflected that all the baptisms on my mission have been souls of children or of the elderly. For a long time I thought it didn't mean as much as baptizing someone who's life had done a 180 - a drug addict or a struggling single mom or a wandering youth. But I realized that it is a unique privilege and learning experience to baptize those whose souls are perhaps a little closer to the veil. I singled out the application of baptism, thinking that it worked best for those who had sinned the most. But David A. Bednar tells us: ​'​Most of us clearly understand that the Atonement is for sinners. I am not so sure, however, that we know and understand that the Atonement is also for saints - for good men and women who are obedient, worthy, and conscientious and who are striving to become better and serve more faithfully.​'​

Repentance and baptism are for all God's children - sinners, saints, men, women and children. How grateful I am for a deeper understanding of this doctrine!​"

We've got 4 investigators on baptismal date and 3 came to church on Sunday! Yay!!

We had our missionary coordination meetings with the El Paso Stakes down here and things are looking great! We seem to slowly be moving up on the level of efforts put out between the members and the missionaries!

We also got transfer news on Saturday......Hermana Bosch and I are staying together! We're excited to kill it down here in El Paso! Looking forward to a good week!

Love you all! Happy 2017!

Hermana Bigley xoxo


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