January 3, 2017


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Bosch

Intense, Insane, ALL-IN!

Happy New Year everyone! What a great year it has been! Can't believe it's 2017....

This last week was crazy; we had our MLC Leadership meeting up in Albuquerque, Zone Training, Exchanges AND our "Day With the Lord"!

At MLC we talked a lot about improving our teaching; there were SO MANY role plays but it helps us learn! Mostly we were getting our lessons to be short and powerful, especially focusing on being better at "God is Our Loving Heavenly Father" and teaching a 10 minute Restoration Lesson. It was way fun!

Hermana Bosch and I cover two zone of sisters, so we split up and were in trios for the day, giving trainings in both zone. We trained on teaching "God is Our Loving Heavenly Father" and "Finding More Effectively." I went to the Mount Franklin Zone - usually we're both in El Paso Zone but it was fun to see the other missionaries too.

I got to be in a trio with a companionship for exchanges. We've usually just swap companions so there's always two and two together but this time I stayed with a companionship in a trio. We liked it so we might keep doing it that way....?

New Years was pretty mellow, but our Mission President gave us a special agenda called, "A Day With the Lord." He had told us about it some months ago - that we'd get a set of envelopes and have to open them in order. We were to cancel an entire day of proselyting from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm and we could wear Preparation Day clothes....??? So nobody knew what was going on and when we opened up the envelopes yesterday morning - we were to READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON IN ONE DAY. (Hence the title; intense, insane - ALL IN!)

I have to admit......between 16+ hours of reading, two 15 minute breaks and occasionally nodding off into Dreamsville.......I'm still not finished! I'm in Ether (the second to last book) with about 50 pages to go. So I guess I consider that finishing but it was an INCREDIBLE experience. Our apartment was filled with the spirit and we've definitely come to appreciate the Book of Mormon more fully. I recommend you try to read the Book of Mormon in one day if you have the time!! It will deepen your testimony and conversion of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's love!

Oh how I love my Savior. He will come again! His gospel is love and his truth is light! I love you all! See you next week!

Hermana Bigley xoxo


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