September 13, 2016


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Thompson

The Pure Love of Christ

Ole ole ole ole!

Sorry, feeling super Spanish this morning....

This week's been awesome! We've done 4 hours of service already! Our zone is working on accepting President Guffey's challenge of having 2 hours of service everyday! "Everything you just said is my favorite thing to do EVERY. DAY." So far we've been working at a Food Bank and a Cemetery but we'll see what else we can do this transfer.

We also had the opportunity to teach the Youth this week in mutual! It was basically a mini training on missionary work and why it's so hard to share the gospel. We played tag, where when you tag a person you have to link arms with them and eventually everyone works together in the end! We role played contacting Emma Watson; if you can share the gospel with a celebrity you can share it with your friends. These youth are so good and so smart, but we always have to help them to know "how" to do it. We each gave them 5 pass along cards and challenged them to share them within the next month!

I love working with youth! They are so fun! They usually have good desires that include the "who" and the "what" of the gospel - but it's scary cause they just don't know "how" to do it and "why".

We had a lot of cool door step lessons this week and awesome potentials that we met! We are looking forward to meeting with them this week!

We took a ward picture at church this Sunday; so many people! I'll be sure to try and snag some next week!

There are so many things we are trying to improve this transfer that President Guffey has implemented in the mission: morning schedule, emphasizing the doctrine of Christ, dinner messages with members, etc. But too often when we have goals in life we get caught up in things rather than the purpose for those things. At the center of our goals, I've found it's always more purposeful and fulfilling to have Jesus Christ at the center. This is something our mission president shared with us this week:

President Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, in his book entitled Accomplishing the Impossible, relates the following parable he calls, “A Father at Bedtime.”

“A caring father is seated at home one evening after his wife and children have gone to bed. He feels an impulse – a prompting – to check on the children. He takes off his shoes and walks quietly to the door of a bedroom. In the dim light from an open doorway, he sees two little heads on pillows, and blankets covering these snuggling children, soundly sleeping.

“As he listens to their quiet breathing, his mind rehearses scenes from earlier in the day. He hears their laughter as they played together. He sees their smiles as they shared a picnic, and their giggles when they were caught feeding ice cream to the dog. (Patience with children comes more easily when they are asleep.) As they slumber, he ponders what they need and how he can help them. He feels a surge of love and a strong duty to protect them.

“He tiptoes to a second bedroom, where two older children should be. He sees two beds, but his heart skips a beat when he finds that one of those beds is empty.

“He spins around and walks to the study, where he has on occasion found his missing daughter. There he finds her in a chair, quietly reading a book.

“ ‘I couldn’t sleep,’ she says.

“He pulls up a chair next to her. They talk about her day, about her friends, about her goals and dreams. Later she returns to bed, and the father makes one final round before turning out the lights and retiring to his bed.

“In the morning, the father assists his dear wife as she prepares breakfast. He sets a place for each of their children, even for the youngest, who likes to sleep longer. Aromas from the kitchen arouse the children and they come running in a blur of motion and chatter.

“But one of the chairs is empty. The father asks them to wait while he goes to awaken the missing child. Soon, the entire family is together enjoying their breakfast.

“What can we learn from this simple parable? The father followed his impulse to check on his children. He evaluated his relationship with them. He searched for a missing child. His actions were all motivated purely by love. He didn’t do what he did because he had read a handbook. No one gave him a checklist. He followed the feelings of hi heart.”

So it is with missionary work. The most effective missionaries always act out of love. Love is the lubricant and life of good missionary work.

I pray that we all have the desire to have the pure love of Christ at the center of our lives - charity! A love that exceeds almost all else!

Love you all!

Hermana Bigley


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