September 8, 2016


3rd Zone Assignment, El Paso Texas


Hermana Thompson

Transfer from El Paso - to El Paso!


This last week has been awesome! Since I emailed last there's been a lot of mission news: We're going to the Temple on the 26th of this month! We also have Zone Conference on the 19th and then General Conference kicks off with the Women's Conference on the 24th! ...SO EXCITED! So much spiritual growth; we'll just eat it up!

We had transfers yesterday andddddddd - I'm staying in El Paso! Yay!! I'll finish Hermana Thompson's training and keep working in the Montwood Ward. It was really sad to see some missionaries go from the Zone but everyone coming in is really great as well! Some missionaries that I served with before AND: Hermana Bosch! I stepped trained her two transfers ago, so now both of my trainees (daughters) are going to be in the same zone with me! Hermana Bosch is also our new Sister Training Leader - weird how you train them and then they train you - haha.

We taught some GREAT lessons this week! We finally caught up with some investigators that we hadn't had the chance to see. One even came to church with his whole family! His name is Daniel and he's been investigating the church for awhile. His fiance is a member and they have two daughters. We lit up to see him come to church! We had had a lesson about eternal families and how baptism is the only way we can reach that goal! The greatest thing to hear all week was when Daniel responded to a bishopric member who greeted him at church, "Yes, well it looks like I'll be coming every week from now on so I'll be seeing you every Sunday." #gold

We also taught Roxy and Homero; a Father and daughter who had previously lived in Salt Lake. We started at the beginning of the lessons with them cause everything seems a bit fuzzy. We brought a recently returned Missionary with us and he helped us so much testifying and teaching! We are grateful for the members that help us in this work. We are hoping to see them progress and find the joy that comes when we go to church!

We ended up seeing a lot of less active families as well; by accident. We were going through the ward directory to have member visits and we met a lot of members who haven't been to church in a while for various reasons. They were so nice and we're excited to go back!

Today we did service in a Catholic Cemetery - it was so much fun! We picked up trash and help clean it up. It was a great opportunity to get to know the other missionaries in the zone and oddly; reflect on the plan of Salvation. Cemeteries are such dismal places for people that don't believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ - I don't know how I couldn't! I'm grateful for my Savior who suffered so that death has no sting - and the grave no victory! I'm grateful families are for eternity and that life doesn't end at death. What a powerful statement: "He is not here for He is Risen."

Think of the blessings you have as the Christmas holiday approaches!

I Hit 10 months this month! = 😃 Time goes so fast!

Love you all!

Hermana Bigley


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