July 12, 2016


2nd zone assignment, Los Cruces, New Mexico


Hermana Moss / Hermana Saunders

Plot Twist - - We're a trio!

Hello everyone!!

I honestly don't think I've had a normal week since I've come to Las Cruces - but then again, it's hard to define the word 'normal'. ...But I'm really grateful to be here and learn lots! I can't believe we're starting Week 5 - this transfers already almost over! But we've got a new addition to our companionship - Hermana Saunders! She got Emergency Transferred here on Saturday and so Miranda South is now a trio area! It's been a party - we're all so crazy. Hermana Saunders is from Corona, CA and she was just companions with my MTC companion. I met Hermana Saunders about 5 months ago and she looked really familiar but I couldn't figure out why. Then this last week we kept talking about it and we were in the same EFY company 2 years ago!! #saywhat - It was so mind blowing - #shoutouttoEFY. We're not sure if we'll be a trio till the end of this transfer or until Hermana Saunders goes home in 5 weeks....

This last Tuesday, President Guffey started something new - every Tuesday evening we will now have a mission wide conference call! IT WAS SO COOL! Now I understand why conference calls take so long......but it was awesome to hear from other missionaries in the mission and feel the spirit incredibly strong. Our President has a big focus on miracles and I really like it. It made me think a lot about having faith - but constantly thinking of miracles gives my brain something tangible to have faith in all the time instead of jumping from one thing to the next, it's more like a constant flow.

Work-wise this week was pretty rough again. I never really understood reading in the scriptures how missionaries would have "hard areas" or people that "weren't prepared to hear the gospel", but it makes a lot more sense when you live it. We're still working hard with what we have and are always making plans to improve.

So together we're Hermana Bigley, Saunders and Moss - so we've named ourselves: 'BIG SAUSS'.

I hope all is well with you! I testify that our Savior lives and loves us and we are never beyond his help or love.

Love you all!
Hermana Bigley


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