June 9, 2016


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Bosch

Welcome to the Work of Angels

Hola! Buenos dias! Como estan?

Well this week has been amazing! One of the most successful weeks I've had on the mission and we sure worked hard to earn it! We were able to have members come out with us frequently which always helps our investigators to progress better! Our mission is really focusing on getting New Investigators and Finding - in any way possible! FIND FIND FIND! President Miller reminds us: "There are thousands of people who wake up everyday looking for the truth and are ready to accept it!"

That statement is so true and our Zone Training this last Friday pushed us to work harder than ever. We had a very powerful training on finding and working to reach our zone goal of 53 baptisms this quarter. When talked about how when we make goals with the Lord we are committed and we need to do it! The spirit testifies so strongly that this goal is possible as we combine our efforts with God's! Within DAYS of this training we have an investigators to be baptized THIS SATURDAY! Her name is Soledad and she is about 84 years old but she accepted this weekend as her date! We hope and pray that all will work out and she will have the opportunity to be baptized!

We had a mission wide fast on Sunday, for the desire to talk with everyone we see. Another focus that has helped tremendously is focusing on the elect - those who are ready and willing to accept the gospel and act on their faith! WOW IT HAS MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! It's changed the entire spirit of our Zone.

A huge miracle this week has been Monica Calvillo. (Haha when she told us her last name we weren't sure if it was spelled with a "V' or a "B" and so she held up to fingers in a V shape. Calvillo with a V!) One of our investigators wasn't home and so we went around knocking doors in the neighborhood. We met Monica and she let us in right away and she is super prepared! I have never seen someone so ready and willing to do! She wasn't able to come to church this Sunday but we will teach her tonight! We are so excited to teach her! She has two sons Michael and Dylon. BUT listen to her super cool experience! : She said that a couple days before we came two men in white shirts and ties knocked on her door and were looking for someone to teach named Ricardo. We teach a Ricardo that lives in her same complex, but there are no Elders assigned to this area. She said the men told her that they'd be sending sisters to teach her and when she came out to thank them they were gone! So we came a couple days later knocking and she knew we were already messengers from God! WHAT. So cool!! We are still not sure who the mysterious men were - perhaps from another religion, buutttt we like to think that the Three Nephites are looking out for us 😀 Truly the work of angels!

Well this is week six of the transfer! We can't believe it! We hope we stay together but I've been in this area for six months! So we don't know what will happen..?? Well pray for us and wish us blessings! Also: thank you everyone for the mail! I got so many surprises this week - it's like Christmas in June!

Quote of the Week: "The only reason we couldn't fill the baptismal font is because the river dried up. And if that happened, then we'd fast for rain." - Elder Jones

Love you All! Love,

Hermana Bigley


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