May 17, 2016


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Bosch

Laudromats are Miraculous

This week has been awesome! Hermana Bosch and I are working so hard - and being joyfully bold! We've started inviting to baptismal dates on first lessons and it has been really effective! And we've contacted so many people this week who are ready to hear and accept the gospel - and believe it or not our investigator pool is steadily growing from people we meet at Laundromats.....we might just have to start teaching there haha

We have three investigators on baptismal date and our goal for this week is five! We've also been working hard to get the members out with us, and one of progressing investigators Jahyrah has been making amazing progress! We were so proud to have the Gospel Principles class filled this week with investigators, less actives and recent converts we have been working with! WOOHOO! It is such a happy joy when we help these people grow on a spiritual level and see the changes the gospel helps them to make in their life.

During a lesson, a member was sharing her testimony about how prayer helps in marriage. She said that, "Love is not a feeling. Love is an action, a decision." I love that! Because we can really see the love people have when they DO. And by doing they BECOME. Our personality traits are defined by what we do and what desire we have to ACT on our faith. Faith is not a passive word, it requires that as we have true faith or believe, then we are committed to do what we know is I'm sounding a lot like Batman when he says, "It's not who you are underneath, but it's what you do that defines you." #batmanforthewin#Imbatman

Haha but we are working so hard as a zone to reach our goal of 53 baptisms! It's a huge number but we know that as we work for and not contrary to the Lord's will, he is ALWAYS ready and willing to bless us! I testify it's true!

Well, sorry my emails have been so short but I love you all and hope that you do something this week to BE the person you want to BE, and who God knows you can become! 😃
Super duper positivo!

Hermana Bigley


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