March 22, 2016


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Brown

Transfers, Chicken Coops and Easter!

Hola mis benditos!

Well this week has been full of adventures! It's been a little tough, but when is it ever easy? When the going gets tough, the celestial get going! ūüôā

This week we were only able to teach Valeria, Jahyrah and Isaiah. Valeria is making so much progress! This last lesson we had with her, she was so happy and enthusiastic about reading the Book of Mormon and keeping the commitments that we extend. She has a baptismal date for March 16! We could truly see the difference that even one lesson made; how great shall be your joy if you should bring many souls to the kingdom of heaven.

We are working with Jahyrah to get married! That is the last step before her baptism, and we know she is so ready and prepared. She was passed to us from the Elders and they have done an excellent job teaching her and her family. She was sick this last week so didn't get to see them at church, but we are excited to meet with her soon!

Isaiah is a 10 year old that we are teaching and he is so smart! Sometimes he has the attention span of a golden retriever but that's ok, cause he's being baptized April 9th! It's a little difficult because he understands Spanish, but he doesn't read or speak Spanish, so our lessons are pretty Spanglish. That's ok though - we will work with whatever we've got! We taught him the Plan of Salvation this last week and my favorite was at the end of the lesson when we were leaving, I heard him inside the house saying, "When we die - then we come back together!" (When you teach the Resurrection like a pro).

Transfers!! Drum Roll please........I am staying in El Paso 12th ward! Nothing changed too much, but this will be my third transfer here; and I love it! Hermana Brown is still my companion as well, and she goes home at the end of this transfer! Zone sports this last week was kickball; woohoo so fun! We took some pictures and I had to steal a selfie - I love huge group pictures! As Elder Montoya from Peru would say: #zoneawesome

aaaaaandddddd......Chicken Coops!! We gave service yesterday for about 5 hours building a chicken coop with the elders! A sister in our ward needed help building one and so we were on the job. I didn't snag any pictures, but we will be finishing it tomorrow, so I will be sure to show you next week. Oh the life skills of a mission, if anyone needs a chicken coop when they get home, I'm all business. ūüźĒūüźď And when you gotta go in and catch the chickens and you're the only one small enough to fit in the take one for the team. #finallyjoiningtherestofmyfamily#chickenrunhasnothingonthis#ifeltcoopedup#badjoke

Finally - EASTER! People! This is the week of weeks! (Maybe besides Christmas...) I am so so very excited to be celebrating this Easter week where we celebrate the resurrection of our savior. He overcame the bands of death and rose on the third day. The entirety of human existence hinged on these words, "He is not here, for he is risen." I want to share this quote from Jeffrey R. Holland's talk titled "Missionary Work and the Atonement.":

‚Äč"‚ÄčOn that first Resurrection Sunday, Mary Magdalene first thought‚Äč ‚Äčshe saw a gardener. Well, she did‚ÄĒthe Gardener who cultivated‚Äč ‚ÄčEden and who endured Gethsemane. The Gardener who gave‚Äč ‚Äčus the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley, the cedars of‚Äč ‚ÄčLebanon, the tree of life.
I declare Him to be the Savior of the world, the Bishop and‚Äč ‚ÄčShepherd of our souls, the Bright and Morning Star. I know that‚Äč ‚Äčour garments can be washed white only in the blood of that‚Äč ‚ÄčLamb, slain from the foundation of the world. I know that we are‚Äč ‚Äčlifted up unto life because He was lifted up unto death, that He‚Äč ‚Äčbore our griefs and carried our sorrows, and with His stripes we‚Äč ‚Äčare healed. I bear witness that He was wounded for our‚Äč ‚Äčtransgressions and bruised for our iniquities, that He was a man‚Äč of sorrows acquainted with grief because upon Him were laid‚Äč ‚Äčthe transgressions of us all.‚Äč"

‚ÄčWe are so very blessed to live in these the Latter Days to live and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection is the crowing jewel to the Atonement and the witness that we will all live again! What a marvelous gift! Christ lives, and so shall we also!

I love you all and hope you can celebrate this Easter week with joy and happiness!

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