February 17, 2016


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Brown

Sorry - Not a lot of time this time...

Well sorry folks but things have cut writing time a little short today! This week I have been thinking a lot about challenges and trials of life. We all have them and they're all different. We cannot possibly understand them all, but there is someone who suffered to do exactly that: Jesus Christ! Our Savior, Redeemer and older brother! We all were never put on this Earth to fail, but to succeed gloriously. I read in studies this morning that every design by God was in favor of our success. Although many a time it may not seem so, we do not truly understand the Atonement if we believe that we are destined to fail. The greatest gift we've been given is our free agency. OUR ABILITY TO CHOOSE. So why not choose to be happy? 😊

Also, news: I sort of broke my camera... It functions fine and takes pictures and everything but the screen is black so I can't see what I'm taking a picture of.

I love you all! Don't forget it!

Sorry! No mucho tiempo! Pero les amo! ❤
Hermana Bigley


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