January 23, 2016


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Neilson, Hermana Torres

Changes, Changes, Changes!

Hola familia y amigos!

I cannot seem to remember them all, but in my mind this seems to be the week of changes! There can be so much change in a person as we come closer to Christ but as my training teacher testified to me - it is good change!

We started last week's Personal Day by having a "Sisters P Day" and went out to explore at El Centro - the cute little Mexican shops in El Paso. I personally don't enjoy shopping too much, so I had fun trying on weird clothes and acting like mannequins. We had exchanges the next day with the English Sisters meaning we switch companions for a day and have normal missionary activities. I think english missionaries are so brave to go on exchanges with us - because they don't speak spanish and we only teach in spanish! But it is a great learning experience for everyone! 😊

WOW WE HAD A SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE THIS WEEK! So the ideal missionary situation would to be able to teach a first lesson when you knock on someone's door. But usually that never happens because people aren't home, don't answer the door or answer the door and close it again haha Anyway, I asked my companions if that had ever happened, where they were able to teach a first lesson knocking doors and neither of them had had that experience. So while contacting this week - WE TAUGHT A FIRST LESSON WHILE KNOCKING DOORS! #WHAT

We knocked on Hector's door and he let us right in and we taught the Restoration! He is a really cool guy who has a really strong spiritual connection to music - and I understand, I do too! I am looking forward to teaching him more!

We had a great district meeting this last week discussing some investigators who are struggling with progressing and keeping commitments but we came up with some solutions that we might try. It is so important that we help everyone come to a knowledge of this gospel as best we can because everyone is a child of God!

I think part of change this week has had to do with a 40 day fast. There is a talk that we use here in the mission that talks about a "40 day fast", meaning you try your best not to do things that hold you back or keep you from being the most effective missionary you can be - for 40 days! The talk is really powerful and shows, that with God's help you can do really do anything you put your mind too because he is there to help you!

I also had the great opportunity to meet with President Miller of the Mission and Sister Miller this week! These next two weeks, one of my companions will be finishing her mission and returning home to Idaho, so she had her last interview with the President. It was a great opportunity to be able to see them and hear the advice they have to give.

As the new Stake is being added this week, we were able to hear from an Area 70 as well! Elder Arnold gave a great spiritual insight on Peter and his faith walking on water in the spiritual storm. These words are my favorite from what he said:

"You get into a storm and you do not turn around or you will flip over. You face forward and you keep yourself faced towards the temple, staying firm during those storms. Visualize with me, not only the Savior picking Peter up, but with his arms cast around, walking back to the boat with Peter, not commanding the waves to cease until they had reached the boat...May we receive the REFINEMENT THAT COMES FROM TRIALS...and if it't not a result of your own disobedience, then know it's a testimony that the Lord knows you and you are ready to receive more growth and responsibility."

I love you all! Have a great week and remember the good that comes from hard, and the new that comes from change! 😊

Hermana Bigley


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