December 31, 2015


1st zone assignment, El Paso, Texas


Hermana Neilson, Hermana Torres


Happy Holidays!

Well things have been progressing slowly but surely. This week has been harder is some areas and easier in others but I am excited for what lies ahead. Week three in the mission field!

Christmas was great! We were able to have a zone training and you could feel the spirit so strong as we understood and learned more about the true meaning of Christmas. We had a white elephant gift exchange and I ended up with some Elder's "ugly ties" haha. So I stole from another Elder and I will have to take a picture next time of what I got. It's like a little Mexican dragon knick knack but I love it! We also had a pot luck with our zone and most of the missionaries brought desserts haha. But we were definitely fed good food this Christmas season! Skyping home was also fun! It was good to see family and friends again :)

However, the most exciting addition to this week was the snow!! We woke up to couple inches the day after Christmas. It was quite exciting for a California/Hawaii girl in El Paso, TX. The weather across the country has just been bizarre but I am loving it! It's like ice cream everywhere!! It is predicted to snow throughout the week so we'll keep the snowball fights coming. It's actually pretty entertaining because people in El Paso don't really know how to handle snow. Church was cancelled this last Sunday and people "shovel" snow with brooms. #dontworry#imnoteatingthesnow

Contacting will be a transition for me now that Christmas is over. People are a lot more receptive during the Christmas season because we are united in feeling the joy that comes from our Savior! I'm sad we can't carol anymore, but where there is a will there is a way.

Tomorrow is my first zone conference. This means that the entire south half of the mission will meet together for training. I am so excited!! There will probably be a hundred or so missionaries!

This week I've been able to get a better handle on being familiar with who our investigators are, and just being a missionary in general. Also eating enormous portions of Mexican Food. #NachoLiberty#Howmanylicksdoesittaketogettothecenterofanenchilada

Though he lights of Christmas will come down and most people will be resuming normal life, we will continue to spread the spirit of Christmas!!! I know this message blesses people's lives because it's true! A mission is so exhausting because you are using every resource you have - physically, mentally and spiritually! I think this week it has been difficult to sort out what needs improvement - because I am still learning everything! So a mission is probably not as awesome as it will be yet, because I am still trying hard to get the hang of Spanish and missionary life before I can enjoy it all! But it is truly the work of angels!

I love you all! You're in my thoughts and prayers! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hermana Bigle


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