November 26, 2015


Mexico City MTC


I Have Never Been So Thankful for Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!! It is weird to be here on an American-only holiday, but the CCM made special thanksgiving meals today to celebrate! I have never been so happy to eat corn, mashed potatoes, pie and Costco vanilla ice cream. There was also a special devotional today broadcasted from the Provo MTC. We were all so happy to have American food, it´s been almost a month. #pdayonthanksgiving#tendermercies

This last week the other district in our zone left :( We love them so much! But we know they are serving their hearts away to the people of Oaxaca. The best part was waved our final goodbyes after watching "The Restoration" and proceeded to have our district review. Just as we were finishing to go home that night, Elder Donkin (from the other district) runs in and screams, "IT´S NOT OVER NERDS!" But it was the best goodbye because my companion needed a blessing, and it was so powerful having 12 elder there to give a blessing. Bye district 11B!! #handhugsforever#becausewecanthugelders

This week was more exciting than usual, with a combination of thunder and lightning storms, earthquake alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and jammed thumbs. My companion has had a wrapped hand most of this week but luckily it seems to be healing well.

I had a crazy experience with revelation this week! Our teacher asked me to role-play an investigator named Patty, who was a single mom with a son. Our teacher role-played the missionary, helping us to work on our teaching skills. In the simulated lesson he was explaining to me (as the investigator) Alma 4:10. When we paused the lesson to give feedback, I told him I had really liked how he explained and applied the scripture to Patty (me) first as he said, "Alma is teaching this scripture to your son." My teacher kind of gave me a funny look and said, "I didn´t say that." Then all the other missionaries who had been watching the lesson said they didn´t hear that either. I KNOW I HEARD HIM SAY THAT TO ME. I was shocked how someone could speak some words, and I heard different words! Another teacher in the room just commented,"Revelation Hermana." #thechurchistrue

I write everything else in my other notebook so I´ll have to remember to bring it next time to tell you some spiritual things I learned during the week. But for right now my thought is this:

Thank God for your adversities, because it is through trials that we receive blessings!

Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving! Feliz Dia de Accion Gracias!

Hermana Bigley


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