November 19, 2015


Mexico City MTC


...For Israel, Hurrah!

I am doing well. The ups and downs change everyday but we have fun and mess around too.

The food is hit or miss. It´s like they tend to have all the good food on one day and then none the next so we've had a lot of nutella toast, cereal and tacos.


Week 3 in the MTC! Every week has gotten progressively better. It's really interesting right now because it's the lowest number of missionaries here in the MTC right now while​ people start school or stay home for the holidays. 3 Zones went out to the field last week and another 64 are leaving next week, and we only got 17 this week! I think there were just under 400 when we got here.

Teaching and Spanish have always been improving. Now we teach 2 "investigators" a week and also teach volunteers who are members, non-members, less actives, etc. We had a devotional broadcasted from the Provo MTC on Tuesday, and I was trying to find all my friends there! But besides teaching, learning and studying 16 hours a day, we also have a lot of fun too. The other district in our zone has decided which elder represents which Disney princess the best and I have to say I have never heard more intense, in depth conversations about how Legolas is better than everyone else in Lord of the Rings. I love playing team sports with my district because we just go nuts and mess around.

I talked with my companion and some of the Sisters in our casa about going stateside on a mission. We jokingly had a pity party because it´s weird to go back to the states while everyone is staying here in Mexico or Chile. But a Sister reminded us that everything here on Earth was foreordained because of the choices we made in heaven! We chose to come to Earth and we already chose to serve missions! We chose to go stateside or foreign or to speak other languages. #mindblown

My favorite quotes of the week are:

"Hey come on isn´t volleyball like Hawaii´s national sport?" "Yeah we just run around and play with coconuts."
We have an Elder Pukahi in our district and one of the other Elders always calls him random things, so occasionally you will hear, "Get it together Kabuki!" or Pakowi, Pukui, Kapaki, Kapui, Kapooki, Cambodia, Uzbekestan, etc.
Our night teacher is obsessed with ducks, he just loves them. Duck in spanish is "pato" and so he goes around saying patopatopatopatopato. He says his patronus is a duck if that gives you any idea.

Elder Faimalo is also serving here in the MTC! The Faimalo family that lives in Redlands, their youngest son is here too. He is going to Chicago, IL Spanish speaking. We have yet to get a picture together but it's cool too see him here!

I also realized I have no idea what is going on in the world so random updates would be nice too. We just heard that ISIS bombed France? That´s literally all I know outside of the MTC right now.
Pray and read EL Libro de Mormon everyday! I love you!!

3 weeks down, be home soon :)

Hermana Bigley


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