February 20, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Moore


back at it again with the SPANGLISH!  and I am so sorry for these weeks!!
First off, I received this document as an email from a friend from the MTC and I wanted to share it because I liked it quite a lot.
Also I wanted to tell you about all the things I eat these days. I found out that I like pears, walnuts, cereals made of seeds and raisins, plums, and a weird squash type thing they have here called zapallito. So that's pretty cool!
On Monday we had some gnarly rain ALL DAY LONG. and of course we had to run all over town to find parts to fix my bike :) it was a fun p day.. haha
Well this week I wanted to talk about some miracles we saw. We had some really great lessons with our investigator, Claudia! We went and had plans to teach about the prophets, to review what she knows and feels about Joseph Smith, and because it was her birthday and we didn't want to be too strong with talking about the Word of Wisdom, but when we got there and started talking our plans changed and we taught the Word of Wisdom :) She is so prepared!!!! She took it with excitement and started writing her own goals to quit smoking and wow she's just awesome. We passed by again (we visit in her kiosco(a tiny store in the middle of the neighborhoods) and she rents out DVDs) and she told us she was already smoking less and organizing more of her store :) She has her goal of baptism set! but there's a little problem with a divorce, so that'll take some time. 
This week we saw 2 angels. 
On Saturday night we had about 30 minutes left and a few different options of who to visit. We paused for a seocnd to really think about it, and an older lady came around the corner talking about how glad she was to see us! She said something about she was scared to walk to her house and something about the police, but then she asked us who we were and what we did and told us we were beautiful and that it was a pleasure or a blessing to talk with us!!!!! It was a nice little pick-me-up, and we might visit her soon to see how we can help her.
Then on Sunday, we were headed to visit some people, but slowly because I lost my watch on the same road on our way to church that morning. We saw a little old lady with only one leg, carrying a bag so we asked if we could help. She didn't understand us very well and just laughed. She told us all about how the whole city knows her because she used to dance and work in the town center. It was just really sweet. then she asked us if we were catholics :) haha so we shared a little bit and she wished us well and told us to get married one day soon :) ahaha I don't think she understood very well but we laughed and again, a good pick-me-up for our day!
We also found a lady who knows a few of the members and who had met with the missionaries before. She said her dad had died recently and we shared a bit about eternal families. At first she said she didn't have much time, but we ended up sharing and talking with her for about 20 minutes and we're going back to visit this week!
I love being here in Heavenly Father's work and being able to help Him teach His children. I know that He is watching over us always. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ and that He is leading us to do the work that He would do if He were here.
I love you all very much and I thank you for your patience, love, and support :)have a good week and remember who you're trying to be like!

Hermana Hull


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