January 23, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Wheatley

Oh the weather outside is frightful

So I'm here, in Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina with Hermana Wheatley! She is a DOLL! from Provo, Utah! With Hermana Wheatley, we talk a lot of Spanglish. but we won't speak English :) and we eat really healthily and we find a lot of less-active members!
She was actually in Lujan when she started her mission, but on the other side where there were sister missionaries. but it's cool because she already knows some of the members, and now we know that there is really someone here who she needs to find! 
This week we had a few miracles! We've been working with a sister named Catalina who hasn't been to church in 11 years. Through meeting with her, we started teaching her 8-year old granddaughter, Valentina. Catalina had a lot of reservations about returning to church, and I could feel that one day she would because she's smart, but that maybe now wasn't the time and we found her to find Valentina. BUT we met with her this week and SHE asked US if we would pass by right before Sacrament meeting(which is the last of the 3 hours) to go with her!!!!! and she came :) and all the members hugged her and expressed how they missed her and it was really super sweet, I couldn't stop smiling. 
Also! part of our area is kind of far. Meaning we have to take a bus 20 minutes to this little neighborhood/town thing called "Open Door". (and no, it's not a translation they literally call it open door haha). And in Open Door there are a few less-active families. Being that it's far, we only go once a week and try to visit as many as we can. One family, the Rivero family, has 3 kids who are members, but the parents are not. They got married so they could be baptized but they never got there because the husband works most Sundays. BUT this Sunday, he decided not to go to work and brought his 11 year old, Veronica to church :) she was so happy and we were all just so happy.
I love when people come to church because they can feel the special spirit that's there. They can feel the love and the humanity between the people, and that nobody's perfect but we're all trying. 
Also my view of missionaries changed this week. Hermano Alfredo Peralta reminded me that the members in an area are in charge of serving God's children in their area, that's why they live there. The missionaries come in to guide and teach, but we just are here to help. It's the responsibilty of the members to build God's kingdom wherever they are and I hope I can remember that when I'm done with my mission.
Well, those are just a few of my thoughts. We're going to go clean our apartment now :) I love you all very much, so please let me know if I can do anything for you!
LOVE, Hermana Hull


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