October 2, 2017


Lobos, Argentina


Hermana Gibson

hello and good week to all.

Thank you so so much for all the updates! I love hearing from y'all and seeing pictures. <3 y'all are all so beautiful. The computer I'm on doesn't work to upload pictures but I wanted to introduce my new companion.
HERMANA GIBSON from Wyoming!!! she's suuuuper sweet, has red hair, and is a breathe of fresh air for me <3 we're learning a lot together, and I just love her. I'm grateful we have companions because we protect each other and help each other. 
We met a lady named Karina this week who shared that she hadn't been to her church for a long time. She said that she prefers a charismatic pastor because it helps her feel better and learn more. We were able to testify that Christ's church is on the Earth and that we had the opportunity that very day to listen to His Apostles. Hermana Gibson's simple testimony in the few spanish words she knows, was so strong that she said she would consider missing her lunch plans to swing by <3 
I know this is Christ's church. I received answers to questions that only a loving Heavenly Father can provide.
I hope each of you could too. keep studying them, or if you couldn't see them, go now and check it out!">
love you all lots!Hermana Hull


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