May 5, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#16 Best Family Home Evening

Hi Family!
Hola from your rubio Hermana, I don’t feel like Im that blonde but everyone always calls me Hermana Toot-a-lay or that blonde Hermana. ;)
I don’t know If this culture is going to get easier for me I don’t know why it is so hard for me sometimes It hurts my heart! Sometimes it is hard for me to understand….that part is still a work in progress. :)
Every morning we have a hour for personal study to be honest I’’m not sure what I did before without it. I look forward to it so much it’s so nice to just study, read, and think. I’m just about with the B.O.M I just about finished Ether this morning. Something that has been really cool for me it to see how all the stories all fit together. I guess I know all or at least little parts of the main stories but it has been so fun for me to really read it and see how it ALL fits together to make one big giant story. I guess I’ve always rushed through reading but this time I’ve had the time to read and study to find all the things I’ve been missing. I can learn so much from every little part sooo… It’s taken me a whole lot longer but I enjoy every minute of it . Everyday during companion study I am say “that’s my favorite chapter/story/verse “ Hermana Rivera is like “yaya that what you always say” But I really do love Ether chapter 12 (really…it’s one of my favorites ;) Here is why it is one of my favorites (Ether 12:23-27) Moroni is saying how nervous he is about writing all these amazing things and doing it perfectly….what if he would have let his fears stop him? I also liked it because it reminded me that we all have weaknesses. Moroni talks about being worried about being mocked for his imperfect writing skills. The Lord said that fools mock and that his grace is sufficient for the meek. It made me think about how I could be a little more understanding and helpful to others with their weaknesses because maybe they will in turn be understanding of mine. Well im not sure if that made sense and if not, maybe even better so maybe when you read it to try and understand what I just said you might find something different that I didn’t see and write and tell me about it? :) I’m going to probably finish (B.O.M) in the next few days and then I start reading it in Spanish! Hna gave me a little picture Book of Mormon in Spanish I love reading it…so I’ll start with that first :)
There are so many things I want to work on, do better, learn more that I don’t even know where to begin. I need to remind myself to BACK IT UP AND FOCUS. I found this saying, cant remember where… “all I have to do right now is _____.” I’m pretty sure I’m the worst at that Im always thinking about a million different things for example….All I have to do right now is…..WRITE THIS LETTER! Haha
Our mission has put a big focus on re-activating members. We have been spending a lot of time with less active members in the ward. It’s one of my favorite things I love it! We’ve been really working with 4 members in particular. I love to get to know them and hear their stories and about how special their babtism was. The more we visit with them I realized they want to be able to go back to church and take the sacrament but there is just little things that are stopping them. They just feel guilty for choices they’ve made or are making. It’s so fun to be able to help them with their goals because I see how bad they want it for themselves. I can’t wait to see all 4 of them sitting in church with us. :)
Some random funny moments from this week
One night were walking home the street was empty, the leaves were blowing around (It reminded us of Pocahontas when she singing so we start singing and watching this little cat walk down the middle of the road. Then out of nowhere a car comes flying by and we were like noooo…I turned and plugged my ears (I guess I didn’t want to hear it) and Hna covers her eyes. Both of us were afraid to look we thought for sure it was a goner but when we looked back there was just one scared cat still standing. We laughed our heads off thinking how dramatic things got so fast. from enjoying our Pocahontas song, to almost witnessing a cat being smashed by a car. Haha so funny. I can’t wait to talk to you this next week… see all your faces and hear your voices!!! Love you all so so much XOXOXOXOXO to Argentina and back!!


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