April 28, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#15 ...whole bunch of dirt.....

Hi my family, Mondays are always exciting, I can’t wait to hear form all of you! But then I remember I have to write something too…uuhhhgg Seriously, I never know what to write it’s so hard for me and there is never enough time.

First off I love this little quote

Every plant that ever grew had to go through a whole bunch of dirt to get there.

I dont know why I thought that’s so funny.

We had zone conference this week, it was really fun to meet some of the other missionaries. It was really good from what Hna Rivera translated for me. Just when I think I am getting better at Spanish, I go to something like a Zone Conference to realize I really don’t understand much. I got there, pulled out my little notebook and it didnt take me very long before I was leaned over to hna Rivera and said I hope your taking good notes….. For the most part we usually are visiting and talking with the same people so I guess I am getting used to them and the way they talk, and for the most part they understand me or well maybe they are still pretending, because Its funny when I talk to anyone outside our area they say what is she saying? and I’m like what in the world are you saying?. Hna Rivera thinks its funny because she says if I can understand Olga I should be able to understand everyone.. Its so true. Oh Olga, it makes me so happy when we see her shuffle into sacrament meeting and she comes and sits by us.

Its so weird for me to think that it’s spring there and schools wrapping up because here its getting chilly and all the kids just started school.

The other night we had a fireside with the yw and ym in the yard. It was fun because there really was a fire going and the Carlos Paz ward is so awesome. Something that I really love about them is they are amazing member missionaries. They are also so willing to help us and come to lessons with us and make the people we are teaching feel so welcome. There are two recent converts Angel and Sandro they may not have name tags but they are a couple of the best missionaries I know- They always come to lessons with us and help go and get investigators to bring to church they are the best!

I wasted twenty min trying to get my computer working and I tried to write you all a little letter anyway its time to go :(
I love you to Argentina and back! xoxo!

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Ami VanderSluis says:
We love you! We will pray for you and your investigators every day.
on May 5, 2014

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