April 21, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#14 Awkward... pencil incident

HOLA FAMILIA! This Alfasmart word processor thingy is the coolest thing I have ever seen! anyway have I a bailey original to share. Oh my I cant even explain how awkward it is.bahaha like honesty, dont ask me how I manage to do the dumbest things but this one tops them all! I got stitches but no worries. You will never guess in a million years how I managed to do it. Oh my it’s the most awkward thing. Angel is one of the ward mission leaders and we had just gotten out of our ward mission meeting, anyway, so he was with us and we were headed to his aunts for lunch. We were running to get a taxi. I’m the last to hop in, emphasis the HOP!. ..... haha oh my. So I hop in and we hear a crack and I was like owwweee! Hermana Rivera had a pencil in her side pocket of her backpack that was now a sliver in my bum cheek! I dont think they really understood that I had just given myself the biggest sliver in the planet. But then they saw my pale face… Eeekk it hurt so bad. The taxi drops us off in front of our apt. man I could feel the piece of pencil right on my bum cheek, right where you sit, right above my leg. We didn’t have a phone. So I sent angel to the little store down the street to call the Hermanas and tell them to come to the apt. asap. Honestly I was scared to look because I could feel it and knew it was going to be sketchy. I looked in the mirror and yep, thats one big sliver..laughing I said, I am so sorry Hermana but you’ve got to see this!. she came in and was like OOOOHHHH, ohhhh.. oh okay.yikes ya. We just sat there… what in the world do we do now!!..
?okay this not the most awkward thing ever. ugh. We tried to get it out. After a half an hour of trying to get it out and thinking the Hermanas will be here any second we realized they are probs. not coming, ... we tried to get ahold of the sisters again but no answer.. finally we ended up having to call the elders and they conference called us over to a sister who was a nurse.. oh gosh Its just so embarrassing anyway blah blah. Long story short I end up trying to explain to the laughing doctor how in the world I managed to sit on a pencil.. OKAY REALLY OF ALL THINGS:: A PENCIL! It hurt so bad.. oh and poor Hna Rivera right?..poor her. 45 minutes later we finally got it out.. Im not kidding when I say that it was the longest 45 minutes of my life haha… im crying its so embarrassing. Hrm Rivera was so funny she was doing whatever she could to distract me and at one point she was making me read my little dictionary.. I was like please the last thing I want to do right now is read a dictionary haha! What was funny though was listening to her tell me a easter bunny story in her little latino accent :) Mom you’d be so proud I didnt even cry.. well actually, maybe I did a little walking to the doctor mostly because… YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME right now!! not even during the numbing shots, but I did squeeze the crap out of hermanas Riveras arm..I think we owe her another snikers. I guess the stories and dictionary helped because when I got in the shower I realized I had stitches I asked H Rivera and she said,ya I know I forgot to translate that part… uhh what? she was like well I didnt want you to be scared…hahaha…….

the rest of the week was pretty good. we were really busy to be honest I can’t remember what else happend. Me and Hna Rivera originally didnt have a lunch appt. on Sunday for Easter, but since we missed the one Saturday we ended up going there for lunch Sunday instead. Mirta made us a Mountain of Empanadas It was delicious Speaking of Easter I hope you all had a good one. oh and thanks for the peeps and all the fun treats we were so excited really. This week we are doing exchanges. hna rivera with Hna fairbanks and I am going to be with Hna Rios. We also have mission conference this Thursday. I was super excited because I thought I was going to be able to see Hna wade.. but Catamarca isn’t coming because it’s so far away so ya bummer!

Mom I saw a video that had a wall filled with old family pictures. It reminded me of all the pictures you have. We have been talking a lot about family history and I really want to get started on ours. Having family names to take to the temple would be so great and mean so much. See what you can do I know Sister Roberts knows all about family history stuff. Shoot time is up. It’s Zone Pday today so we have less time than usual so it’s time to go. I love you all so very much! Mom and Dad have a safe trip to china and Eric and Bradley hope you have a good time together. Miss you like crazy! big hugs and kisses I love you to Argentina and back


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