April 7, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#12 So...It's not Easter yet????

I am LITTERALLY dripping sweat right now.. it is dripping off my forehead. in a room that feels like a mini oven trying to think of all the things I want to tell you. and to know the clock is ticking and I'm being timed.....AHHH it is so hard. Not helping is the computers... I've already had to switch 3 times. so sorry not going to lie I might be having a mini panic attack as we speak.. its soo hot!
eeek my mind is blank.....
well mom I do know that I am always so grateful for your letters each week! Especially this weeks, man it was so good, thank you so much! you always know exactly what to say! I am so grateful for your example and the strength you give me!! I loved looking at your notes from confernece! I loved comparing them with mine! Almost all of my favorite parts you wrote them down too! I definately am my mommys girl! :) I also love the scriptures you always give me. I write them down on a little paper and read them during my personal study! :) And yes, I got everyone's letters tell them thanks so much!! grandpas was so funny!
No, nothing was new with transfers, everyone stayed the same.
No, no pictures today My computer doesnt have a chip slot.. :( its okayI didnt have very many anyway, it was super duper rainy this week:) so I didnt dare bring it.
Ok, so there's the
Happy Easter!! that was written In huge letters on the top of my planner for yesterday, with a huge picture of a easter egg that I colored..dont ask me what I was thinking when I wrote it about a month ago.. Ya so april fools to me! It turns out it wasn't Easter...Friday night I was saying how excited I was for conference and Easter. I said "yay we finally get to eat my peeps" everyone thought for a minute and than Elder Hellstern was like, are you sure I think it's not this week... we all sat there trying to figure it out.. And then we all started to laugh! so it turns out I guess I have to save my peeps for two more weeks.. we´ll see If I can do that. :)

But on the bright side It was still conference! Man I just really loved it! The first session I had to watch it in spanish and to be honest, I only was able to understand the general topic.. eehh actually...not even that :) So I was so happy and It was such a blessing that I was able to watch it in english on sunday! I watched it in the secretaries office in the church with Hermana Fairbanks. I loved the Sunday Morning session so much. Escpecially Dieter Uchdorfs talk on Gratitude. I think I loved it so much because I am really learning what It means to be grateful. I am surrounded by some of the most grateful people. They are such amazing examples. I really loved when He said " dont wait for the rainbow to be grateful for the rain."
and mom you were so right! one of my favorite parts was .... listening to the chior sing A Childs Prayer. I sang that song all the way home from the church and didnt even realize.....Poor Hermana Riveras Ears.
Yes, Mom I did bare my testimony...
The very fisrt week I got here it happened to be fast sunday.. sitting in sacrament meeting I passed my little notebook to hermana Rivera and asked her to help me finish translating the little testimony I had wrote. To be honest Im not really sure what I was thinking when I stood up with my little notebook. I know for a fact that they didnt understand a thing I was saying, but I just had to do it because I wanted to show my heavenly father that I was grateful.

Well times up I have to go...I don't know how everyone does it! I hope you all have a great week
I Love you I love you I love you to Argentina and back! Love, Your bailey
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