March 31, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#11 FHE with the Delfina family

It sounds like womens conference was really good from reading yours and Hollys letters. I am so glad you guys were able to watch it! I wanted so badly to be able to watch it. Me and the Hermanas we huddled around a laptop with our ears to the screen desperately trying to get it to work so we could hear it. We sat there trying to drown out all the noise and all the commotion that was going on in that little house we were in. We couldn’t get the sound to work I am not going to lie I was pretty disappointed. I wanted so badly to be able to watch it. But as I sat huddled around the screen with the other Hermanas I realized how important it really is to me. Although I couldn’t hear it, It was just good enough to be able to see the choir and the conference center full of young women, daughters with their moms. It was so special. I only was able to hear and understand one part and It was the part where they showed the video of everyone singing I am a Child of God. So I loved that you mentioned that part in your letter mom. I sat there with tears in my eyes too. There is such a spirit and happiness that conference brings. Sometimes we dont even understand how really special and important it is. I was so disappointed as we walked home. I realized how important it was to me and how much I wanted to listen to it. And how grateful I am for the extra guidance and spirit it brings in my life. I thought about last womens conference when we went out to dinner and bought finger nail polish and painted our nails. we will have to make that our little tradition. I really hope that I will have another chance to be able to watch it. What a blessing it is in our life and especially that we live so close. I dont think that I will take it for granted ever again.

I only have little time so I am just going to explain the pictures a little.

That Is family home evening with the Defina family. They are one of my favorite families from the ward. They keep a eye out for us and I am so grateful. One night we were clear on the other side of the town waiting for the bus. A car goes flying past us than it flies into reverse… I cant tell you how happy I was to see them. They told us to hop in and they drove us all the way to our apt. They are really the best. She makes us lunch all the time and I am so grateful because she makes the best food. They have a daughter on a mission too and she left the same day as I did, so thats kind of fun! Anyway we had family home evening with them this week and I brought my jelly beans for them that I have been saving from valentines day for them to try.

We had a baptism this week. Thats our Olga she is so cute! My very first night in Carlos Paz we got there late so we dropped of my stuff in the apartment and Hermana Rivera told me we had a Lesson with someone they had been teaching. We talked about what we were going to teach and my job was to ask if she wanted to be baptized. It was really cool to be able to see her be baptized because she was the first person I met and had a lesson with in Carlos Paz. She is the sweetest. So thats Olga. We have a cute relationship, she doesnt understand a thing I say. Between my accent and her hearing… it’s funny, and to be honest, I never know much of what shes saying either. But yesterday we linked arms and walked all the way to church.

The next picture is all the Missionaries in Carlos Paz. Heramana Rios, Hermana Rivera, Hermana Fairbanks, Elder Gomez, and Elder Hellstern.
The best district in the world!

Roy was baptized this week also which is also super exciting the elders have been teaching him for a while now so we were all super excited for him when he finally decided. Thats all of us at the baptism with a couple members from the ward.

What a scatter brained email really. We didnt have very much time today! Im sorry! I wish so badly that I had more time to tell you everything!

P.S. I’m so excited for conference I can barely stand it. I hope you guys are too! I’m so very excited, I am praying that I get to watch it in English.
PSS..Thanks for all of your wonderful letters! I wish you could my smile when I read them.
LOVE YOU talk to you next week!!! Xoxoxox!!!


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