March 16, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera



I hope I never forget…. the way little Nicolas says "mama its the Mee-cho-nair-das, its the mee-cho-nair-das" every time he sees us or the Elders. Seriously, It melts my heart!

And I hope I never forget…..stopping by this little old ladies house who always tells us she’s going to come to church with us but is always asleep or doesn’t answer when we go to pick her up. So yesterday not expecting her to answer, before we could even finish knocking she was there at the door in her little dress and with her book of mormon in her hand.

And I hope I never forget….. what it feels like to be lost and hiking around for what seems like forever and then happen to run into and amazing family. We had a incredible lesson and It was such a amazing experience. I was on a exchange with Hermana Rios and when we were walking away, we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes.

I think I am started to get a taste of what it feels like to be a missionary. Moments like these. For all the times I wonder what in the world am I doing, and wow how can I do this. Moments like these make me want to keep going.

The lady at the little corner shop said, wow you understand a lot more this week.. yeeeeee!!! I was so excited! When we go to the shop I feel like I’m in the show The Nanny.. oh my, it is so funny she sounds just like her.

I dont understand why the ants only like and infest my cereal.. Its in the exact same place as all the other Hermanas cereal ... tomorrow I’m writting Hermana Tuttle on theirs... hopefully that’ll trick em’.... we’ll see how that works. I was actually so tired that night to even care really, I just grabbed handfuls and picked out the cereal.. eehhh its whatever :)

The weather is a lot like utah in the sense that if you dont like it, just wait a minute.. I was caught in a rainstorm in my little pink dress and then stuck in the blazing sun hiking around in my rain boots and long sleeves. Uuhhh!. IT’S FALL here now. Im like oh my what is summer going to be like….. ITS GOING TO BE HOT!!!

Ironically enough one of my favorite things I have eaten here was when our Mission President took us to Mcdonalds this week.. haha right..? Well that doesn’t include the icecream, dulce del leche, flan, and facturas. Everyone always has some kind of treat for us. The members always want to give us something.. I swear I eat way more sugar than real food. So I am always hungry.

Me and Hermana Rivera have the funniest sense of humor together. Between the translations, accents, and lets be real…. we are just funny! We are always finding little things to laugh about. The other day all of the Hermanas were in our room they were looking for an English BOM to give to someone. I thought I had one in my suit case that was on the top of the self. So I’m pulling it off and it falls right through my arms and right on Hermana Riveras Head. Oh my… it was the funniest thing ever!! We were laughing and laughing. I said, " I am so sorry, so sorry!! " she looks at me serious as can be and said ( in a latino accent) "yes.. yes.. I know you are. “whoops I guess I accidently maybe do stuff like that too often. Oh my it was so funny and I especially laughed because that’s what mom and eric always say to me….Yes bailey we know you didn’t MEAN to do it! :)

I am so grateful that we are able to laugh about the little things. I sometimes feel like a mission is just one big awkward moment..or at least mine anyway! :)

From day one I have loved all the clover patches and whenever we are waiting or walking around, I’m always looking for a four leaf clover. my Hermana just laughs at me, I told her I WAS going to find one. One day she walks over where I’m waiting, she bends down and picks one up. I was like WHAT!! since then she has found 2 more.. I told her if she finds one more before me, we cant be friends anymore, strictly companions. :)

I love my mission. There’s just a lot to handle sometimes.. like a lot!. but that’s when I just have to take a deep breath and find me an Oreo Alforje.. I really need to find a better emotion/stress reliever :) hold me :) no but really I need ideas.. ;)

I love you to Argentina and back!!!


XOXOxoxoOX Hermana Tuttle.


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