March 7, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#8 What a week!

Ok… so this week…….I made eye contact with a mouse. I was clothes-lined.. like hard! (it reminded of me that one time I got clothes-lined in Logan in my baptism dress.) Had a scorpion under my foot. And realized my granola cereal was eating was full of bugs.

I was sitting there minding my own business listening to a lesson I look over and make eye contact with a big ol’ mouse. The whole rest of the time I tried to keep tabs on it so I always knew where it was.. Later walking to the bus I was like, did anyone else see the mouse? One of the Elders said ya, I wasn’t going to say anything but it was so huge sitting up there in the window.. uhhh… so I guess there was more than one.

Getting clothes-lined...I wish it would have been an actual clothes-line instead of a metal fence. We were with the zone leaders walking to someones house on a little trail with weeds up to by belly. I was so scared something was going to get me. so I’m tiptoeing along mumbling to myself in spanglish about how much it was creepin' me out when....The elders though it would be funny to throw something into the weeds to scare me, Well It worked....I broke out into a run and BAM there it was….caught me right in the throat and chin.. haha Turns out I should have been more worried about what was up rather than down.

In the same week we were giving another lesson when a member we had brought with us all of a sudden blurts out something and points at my feet. Just as I looked down I move my foot and a scorpion goes running. The person we were teaching stand ups, moves my chair, stabs it with a pen and chucks it out the door. Oh how I love Hermana Rivera.. I dont know how she does it, but she just picked right back up where we left of... I am just still sitting there… HOLD ME! :D
The cereal thing….it’s still a little too soon.. haha but really.. eeekk I don’t think I will be able to eat that cereal for a while.

good times.. just trying to roll with it all...

Everyday on the top of my planner I write a scripture, quote or a saying that I found that will help me get through the day. This week one of the scriptures I liked was Mosiah 3:19. I really love it.

Some days are really hard and I do miss home. I try and remember this quote by President Hinkley "Forget yourself and go to work." I am trying my best.

The people here are incredible, they give and give and give, they dont stop giving. Even though they have very little. This one couple.. is so good to me.. they know that I love this one kind of cookie, so they always have one for me waiting when I get there. Everyone is so kind to me about my Spanish. They are always trying to help! They always pretend like they understand me but I totally know they don’t. haha

My companion is great! She is so patient when I don’t understand!! :) She is like my little mom.. I just follow her and do what she says. She is really so sweet and I am learning so much from her. She is from Chile.. I am an American in Argentina learning Spanish with a Chilean accent.. like what!!?? :)

The dogs still terrify me the must sense my fear because they only follow and chase after me. Hermana Rivera still gets a good laugh every time... until I end up jumping on her. I always say i'm going to keep my cool this time...ehh never happens.
Our schedule is a little different than most, a culture thing I guess. We wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11. So yes, Hermana Rivera has to drag me off the bus half asleep at night :) We have a half hour nap after lunch. I haven't taken a nap yet though I usually write or study some more.

Something about the little couple we have been teaching. We have been working really hard with them. They want to get baptized but they aren’t married.. So we have been trying to help them along. This week they told us they are setting a date to go get their marriage papers!!! Me and Hermana Rivera were beaming the whole bus ride home.

I love them!

I'm out of time....NOOOOO!!!!
I love and miss you all SO MUCH!!!

Love you to Argentina and back
Hermana Tuttle


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