March 1, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

Just some fun facts....

Here are some explanation for some of the pictures and just some fun facts.
*No one can say Tuttle….they call me Hermana Toot-a-lay
*The ice cream is seriously so so good. I can’t figure out what is different about it. Way good! Dulce de leche also so good!
*The dogs here are terrifying! They are huge and so scraggly, there are tons of boxers. I always jump on Hermana Rivera she laughs at me every time. they chase and bark at us along the house fence lines… im going to have to get used to that :)
*I like the food so far empanadas are yummy but so greasy.
*Oh and crackers don’t have a crunch anymore they are soft :}
* I have so many bug bites I have learned to just sleep with my Benadryl in my hand so It’s easy to put on instead of having to get off the top bunk during the night.
*Me and Hermana Rivera always listen to my Hillary Weeks CD but we always have to skip ‘Stand Still’ because it makes us sad :) Wish I would have brought more cd’s but esta bien.
* We are teaching a little old lady named Olga. Hermana Rivera asked her who she wanted to say the prayer and I actually understood what she said this time……She pointed to Hermana Rivero and said “you, I don’t understand her” as she then pointed at me. Hahaha
*Dinner doesn’t exist here
*The buses don’t stop, they just slow down and you have to hop off. it’s terrifying for and uncoordinated person with no balance….sketchy :) haha
*Everything is always damp…Literally everything! Getting in a damp bed every night…oh it’s bueno! really though it’s way gross. Our floor and walls are all slippery because of the humidity. all my books are warped…good times:)
*Our shower water is full of chlorine so my hair feels like I have been swimming.


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