March 1, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Rivera

#7 I have so much to be greatful for

I am definitely not in utah anymore.
I have so much to be grateful for!!

We are finally here!!! My travel group had 7 of us, me and Hermana Wade and 5 elders It took two whole days of traveling. SLC to Atlanta, to Buenos Aries. Layovers and 12 hr. flight to Argentina…UUHHH We stopped off at the Buenos Aries Mission home and then took a two hour plane ride to Cordoba. We got off the plane gathered our luggage and brushed our hair. By this time we were the only ones left in baggage claim. I’m pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing as we looked down the corridor out to the sliding glass doors. I felt such strength as we walked together. We are all here for the same reason. To serve our Heavenly Father. To love and help our brothers and sister who need a little help finding their way and the truth. We took a deep breath and away we went…..

The Mission President and his wife are incredible. We went to the mission home and had empanadas and got to know the office a bit. Then we went to a hotel and slept.

The Temple is amazing! I will be here when it is dedicated I am so happy! It is literally right next door to the mission home.

My new companion is Hermana Rivera, she is from Chile. She is so cool. I live in a little city called Carlos Paz. It is about a 30 to 40 min ride outside of Cordoba. It is beautiful. It is exactly what you would imagine if you picture a little city surrounded by tropical hills and mountains in South America. It is so green and pretty. We walk around on little dirt roads and paths up in the hills. Culture shock hit me and like a bus (there are also a million of those here too! : ) It is SO hard to see how people live, it breaks my heart. It is so humbling! They are so nice. I walk up these little hills that are covered with little shacks and cinder block houses and sometimes just little tents.

I am so grateful and so humbled.

I’m feeling so far from home, I looked up at the sky one night thinking at least maybe we are seeing the same starry sky and realized pretty sure we aren’t even in the same hemisphere. So….. that backfired, awkward! But hey, we still have the MOON and it’s bigger anyway! Better probability we both are looking at it. haha

Although I am far from home yesterday at church was the closest I have felt in a while. I felt right at home at church it was so comforting.

Man this is hard and I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel it is so overwhelming. Not being able to express yourself or understand ugh.....It's so frustrating. But all you need to know is that I am okay, I am in an incredible mission, I have an incredible mission president, companion, two other sisters, and I feel like I am in the most beautiful area of Argentina….. really.

Tonight we’re going to a ladies house the elders have been trying to talk to and teach but she is deaf. She has no way to communicate and wants to learn. So I am going to see what I can do and maybe teach her some signs she really wants to learn. But I only know American Sign Language.... not Spanish so I dont really know what to expect…. but I am excited!

It’s really hard to see the conditions here. The families house we went to for lunch was about the size of my bedroom at home. Along one of the walls is a small stove and a fridge. Along the other walls is a twin bed and a bunk with a table in the middle of the room. There was hardly any extra space, it was so small and so much clutter. It seemed even more cluttered with the cats, (actually they were kittens) chickens, and dogs coming and going in and out of the house. ooohh… I don’t even like to step foot in our chicken coop to collect eggs let alone think about eating a chicken than might have just been walking around the place. Haha! But it didn’t seem to bother them. They were so kind. They made us lunch, kind of reminded me of a paella….rice, chicken (legs) ;) and some kind of red sauce. You know me, I have a hard time even eating at home if the counters aren’t all cleaned first. I knew this was going to be a stretch for me to be eating strange food in strange places. But you have to do what ya have to do! During lunch I was trying so hard to hold back my tears. I hadn’t had a break down yet so I knew one was coming and after sitting around a table listening to everyone speaking Spanish except me of course, with crazy flies, cats, chickens, It didn’t matter how kind and humble everyone was>>>>>I was just praying I could keep it together at least until we left. The family was so incredibly nice. We hugged good bye and off we went down the dirt trail through the tropical hills. I couldn’t hold it in anymore…..I grabbed Hermana Fairbanks and just cried. We kept walking down the dirt road while I tried to pull myself together the best I could. I am so greatful for my sisters, I really love them so much they have incredible faith and I admire them so much.

***Journal entry***
Tonight we went to baptism. It was odd to see so few people there. There was only the girls grandma/mom, the two Elders and us 4 sisters, and the Bishops son. Oh, and Santo but he’s always with us. :) We sang a hymn, Hermana Rios gave a little talk and then she was baptized. Afterward we had chocolate cake the Elders made. is so cute and I love Lina so much what a cute old lady.
Laying on my top bunk writing using my flashlight listening to the rain, what a overwhelming day it has been to say the least! Almost a whole bag of peanut M&M’s later (stress relief at it’s finest :) It’s time for bed. Oh I also got to talk to Hermana Wade tonite too. I miss her! Anyway, goodnight XOXOXOXO


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