February 9, 2014


MTC Provo


Hermana Wade

#4 Learning Spanish?

Hi family, I forgot my paper that had all the things I had wanted to write, so this could be sketchy.

The other day we were doing a practice lesson with our teacher Hermano Mead. I’m sitting there hammering my brain for the word "how.” Seriously?! Probably a minute goes by of me sitting there using every ounce of brain power… finally, I gave up and said "como se dice How?” Translation: HOW do you say HOW?? He just looked at me and shook his head, probably thinking oh my, have I taught you anything? We all just sat there and laughed, I don’t think l will ever live that down.. EVER! Every time anyone says anything stupid… code word is "como se dice how?” Hermana Wade just told me our mission president only speaks Spanish…. best news I’ve heard all day! :) (You caught the sarcasm there right?.... just checking:)) oh my stars.. HOLD ME!!!. So that’s my language update. but really though, I am learning.. I know what conjugation means now… The first couple of days I heard, conjugate that.. and this.. and that. Clearly I had made up my own little definition of what TO CONJUGATE means... Every time my teachers would tell me to conjugate something, I realized MY definition started to make less and less sense. Then it occurred to me. "WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES TO CONJUGATE EVEN MEAN?" So ya……no worries, I finally figured it out. I still talk like a cave man! Hahaa! But its progress. I really have learned a lot this week and my vocab is getting a lot bigger!

I love Sundays at the MCC! Last week was fast and testimony meeting. Wow being surrounded by so many missionaries is the best! . I learn so much from them. Also on Sunday and Tuesday nights there are devotionals down on main campus. The spirit is always there. I already have filled up a whole notebook of notes. I love them, I love them, I love them!!!

I have only two p-days left in the MCC. Every missionary says this but…. I dont understand where time goes.

Heremana Wade and I are zone leaders. We get to check up on all the Hermanas in the Zone. I seriously love them all!! Four new sisters came on Wednesday. I always feel for them, because I remember how I felt the first day and week. I always give them lots of hugs when I see them. I really realize how much I have grown and how much Spanish I really do know. We try to go to their apt every night on the way home. It is so fun to learn about them all. We have so much fun. Thanks so much for all the packages and treats. When you send them to me, they all feel like they get one too. We all share our packages. so Gracias!

Read “forget not to be happy now” by President Uchtdorf (can you please put it on my ipod?) It talks about how a lot of the time we believe that, as soon as this or that happens THEN I’ll be happy. But if we do that, we could be waiting forever. In one of our devotionals someone said “I want to see you be happy doing hard things”

I have learned so much.. there are so many things I want to do better but I dont know how to begin to apply them all.. :) haha oh wow!.

As Hermana Ogden would say " Sometimes I pray to my Heavenly Father and say…. If
I need a humble pie.. smash it in my face" haha and well… I’ve been getting a few humble pies and I didnt even have to ask! :)

I dont think I have ever been able to sing Families can be Together Forever successfully without crying. I can’t help It, I just love you guys so much!!

I’m sorry I don’t feel like I’ve been able to tell you very much. I always think I have so much time, then I look down and want to cry… ok not cry, but kind of ;)

I’ve been learning how to be more patient. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, but not always when we want. Sometimes I have to ask myself what is he trying to teach me.

I love you to Argentina and back { thats a long way, you know;) }

Con Amor Hermana Tuttle XOXOXOXOXO


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