February 1, 2014


MTC Provo


Hermana Wade

#3 Half way mark at the MTC

Tomorrow is our halfway mark at the MTC! Does that blow your mind as much as it does mine?! In 3 weeks I’ll be headed to Argentina! Holy cow! Monday our favorite district of elders from our zone are leaving for Mexico! We are so sad! We will officially be the oldest district in our zone…. Everyone goes by MTC age here . How long you’ve been here is how old you are. Kinda funny!! So next Monday we will have 4 new hermanas in our district. Yippie!

Okay mom, look up this Mormon message called Mountains to Climb. Go to its by pres. Eyring. It is INCREDIBLE! I’m learning so much about myself. It is such a humbling experience. You definitely are shown your weaknesses, but I am learning and I love it! I learned that "Acting on even a twig of faith allows Heavenly Father to grow it." That's all it takes.

I am also learning about fear. Everything we want is on the other side of fear, that is when we have to decide if we are going to let that stop us or not. It makes me think of that song that says "I want to see you be brave!" :)

I think sewing two flat sheets together sounds like the best idea and maybe a fitted sheet for the mattress. My teacher Hermana Steward went to Cordoba and she got stung by a scorpion in her sleep because her hand was hanging off the bed.. eeek... so yes.. I will be keeping my hands and feet inside the ride at all times. She never personally had bed bugs but knew people who did so ehh.

When I study I usually have my Spanish and English Book of Mormon side by side. I gets confusing going from English, to Spanish to English. It’s the weirdest.

Everyone has a cold…. EVERYONE. all my Hermanitas had it last week.. so ya, now I have it. Starting to finally feel better but it’s still in my chest…. blehh.

My skirts are all balling up it’s so weird. Especially my favorite green one from Downeast.:(

I saw Jacob at the devotional. We didn’t get to talk, he was up in the stands but it was so fun to see a familiar face even it was from a mile away! :)

Me and hermana Wade still have the apt. to ourselves and probably will until we leave!

On the bus on the way to the temple. Me and Hermana Wade were just chatting it up, clearly not paying attention. The bus driver slammed his brakes so hard It sent us FLYING. I’m talking no control flying!. IT was the funniest thing in the world we laughed all day!

I’m pretty sure we have the clumsiest group of Hermanas….ever! One of us is always on the ground ( it always seems to be the same patch of black ice that never goes away…… when are we going to learn) and if its not black ice…it’s a crack in the sidewalk. We have so much fun even if it’s at each others expense

I have the biggest favor to ask maybe Eric can help you with this. I would la la la love a ipod full of music and TALKS. You can download them from It would be so nice to listen to the the talks on the 14 hour plane ride! There are some I want and ask some people for their favorites!?:)
- Be of good cheer, Thomas Monson
-Cast not away there for your confidence - Holland
- Mountains to climb- Eyring
- Choose this day- IDK by who I think holly knows?
- You know enough- Neil A Anderson
- Safety for the soul - Holland

I hope it isnt to big of a hassle. It would be so good to have!

Spanish is coming along slowly for me:) but hey me and Hermana Wade can give a whole lesson in Spanish without any notes. It rocks! yeah for me! I am so proud. I don’t get frustrated too much about it because I know It will come if I just keep trying!

Yes, yes, I am getting your letters. it’s so fun I just love It! Thank You, Thank you!! Really can you tell everyone I appreciate all the love!!

Les quiero!!

Con Amor, Hermana Tuttle

LOVE YOU like crazy!! XOxoxO


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