January 25, 2014


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Hermana Wade

#2 MY feet have yet to hit the ground!

Saturday January, 25th
aaaahhh.. I have so much to tell you!! And there’s not enough time!

Since I have been here, I would say I have hit the ground running but that wouldn’t be true….my feet have yet to hit any ground! I’m not even kidding!

In class the other day, we all must have looked overwhelmed or something because our teacher looks at us, pauses then says.. "you all probably are thinking you can’t do this, huh.? Well, your right you can’t!" Sooo…that’s great!... then he said, ”BUT.... you are representing someone who can and he will help you! " that was so powerful. It really put things into perspective. If you need help putting things in perspective come here for about 20 min. and BAM! It’s amazing. I thought I was at least kind of ready to be a missionary.. but it hasn’t taken me long to realize I’m not even close. To be honest I don’t know if anything could have prepared me for this. That is the most amazing part. You literally are thrown into this new world and you really learn how to rely on the lord and to have faith. It has been incredible so far. I’m not even in Argentina yet and know I haven’t even experienced the most challenging part. but, im learning now, that I will be able to do it! And that is because I am representing someone who can and who has.

On Sunday someone from the general primary presidency came and talked to us in relief society. She gave the most incredible talk on the important influence we will have on the kids where we are going. It was so great!. We sang, If the Savior Stood Beside Me. If I didn’t already think that talk was just for me I did then, it’s one of my favorite songs. It is so comforting and makes me want to be better in all that I do. I especially love the fourth verse "He is always near us though we do not see him there" I could barley sing it, I was trying so hard not to cry. But of course I did, you know me, a big cry baby. …I Just love it! It made me so excited knowing I get to go to Argentina and tell all those sweet kids that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them….can’t wait!

All of my days seem to be just one big day! It still feels like the first day. Partly because I’m still so lost and partly because.... aaahhh actually, I don’t even know why, it is just craaaazy! :)

I seriously have never met anyone who is more like me than Hermana Wade. It’s legit! You should talk to her parents they said they wanted to talk to you too :)

We have taught 7 or more lessons in Spanish!.. oh…..and by WE, I mean Hermana Wade.. hahaha just kidding but sometimes it is a little sketchy, when neither of us know how to say something in Spanish, We just smile and move on... let me tell you my lessons are full of smiles. :)

The pies WERE AAMMMAZING oohh soooooo good! Everyone went crazy. they love when I get packages :) gracias!! gracias!

We went to the temple today and we forget that we dont have to speak Spanish in the "real world" I always kept saying SI SI and gracias… wow that’s embarrassing. I always am saying hola and si and gracias because lets be real they might be the only words I know. haha

I’m going to try and send some pictures now. I love you! Tell everyone seriously thanks for the letters it makes MY DAY to get letters even if its just something simple, it is soooo fun!! thanks for the love I really can feel it and it makes being away from you all ten times easier!! :)


Hermana Tuttle :)


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