January 18, 2014


MTC Provo


Hermana Wade

#1 Hola from the MTC

Hi guys! my p-day is Saturday!! This is going to be a little scatter brained so sorry but.. what do you do?!

When you guys dropped me off and I was walking away, the sister that was escorting me said its going to be okay sister just don’t look back….. aaahhh!. During the rest of the orientation and while I was getting my tag, I might have had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes but I had a big smile on my face! There was someone there welcoming us and telling us where to go in the beginning So that was comforting. But after that….. I was thrown into the sharks. Really! I am in the MTC west which is a whole different campus. They call it the CCM. Everyone down here is going spanish speaking. Sooo... I just smile and wave that’s all I know how to do :)

The songs are so powerful here. We sing, all the time! I love it! Oh and mom! guess who’s the newest member of the choir?... me! Don’t laugh and don’t worry I try not to sing too loud. haha!
One of the first songs we sang was Army of Helman. They changed the verse from "we will be the Lords missionaries" to "We are now the Lords missionaries." I bawled… maybe it was also the fact that is was the first chance we had to relax and collect ourselves after the big rush. Other than that one time all the songs we sing are in Spanish soooo……

I’m going to Argentina Feb 24!! Ahhh!

Remember, when I told you about the girl with the blog that said bring zzzquil for the first night because panic sets in? Well ya!! she was right about that. Well you also have to picture me on the top bunk with the ceiling inches away from my face :)

In my district there are five of us,all sisters. Sister Gerber, Sister Nordgram, and Sister Portz. And my Hermana Is sister Wade. I love my Hermanitas!!! We have so much fun and laugh a lot, mostly at dumb things because that’s the only way to keep ourselves sane. We have classes in 4 hour chunks and a majority of it is in Spanish.. everyone has taken at least a year of Spanish but me, sooo that’s great.  Sister Gerber knows the most so she’s the translator for us. Half the time she not even right it’s the funniest! And the teacher basically just talks to her. One time she was translating and she said. "Right now we are in the mexico mtc." She was so serious that we all looked around like wait a sec….HAHA! Most of the days we literally don’t know what we are doing… really we struggle. Our desks have so much stuff on them if we stand up they tip over.

The Volley ball games during gym time are so SUHWEET!! The elders are so good so we get some pretty good rallies going! The gyms are in huge white bubbles…like what!!? Where did those come from? The trailer right by the bubbles is the cafeteria. ya so I don’t get to see Bekah 

My Hermana Sister Wade is so great. I have been blessed with the best district! We are all girls, they say that usually doesn’t happen. So it’s been fun. We are also all going to Argentina. Sister Wade and I are both going to Cordoba!! I have finally met someone!! We are so much alike it’s kind of scary! We laugh at each other all day long! One time, we were practicing teaching a investigator. She kept laughing, and when we were done she said “sorry I wasn’t laughing at your Spanish I was laughing at your face”.... Idk if that was supposed to make me feel better or not.. Oh it’s great! We also always pull down our eye lid and say OJO (which means eye) to each other to say, I’ve got my eye on you.! It’s our little inside joke to each other because we always have to be in sight and sound of each other at all times. We are never alone. …its bueno. :)

We didn’t like sleeping in the room it’s so small and the top bunk is basically touching the ceiling, so we pulled our mattresses in the family room….It’s much better that way. Me and Sister Wade have the whole apt. to ourselves at least until Wednesday! 

I can understand more than I can say, but I am always trying, even If I know it might not be right.

Hermana Wade and I were called to be the new Hermana Zone trainers. All the Senior trainers just left. We are supposed to train and help all the new Sisters that will be coming into our zone. Wait!.... Did I just say we are supposed to show all the new sisters know what to do? We don’t even know what we are doing ourselves! hahaha!!! But we are still looking forward to Wednesday when we will be getting a new batch of Hermanas! Hopefully we can pull ourselves together by then! :\

I can understand more than I can say, but I am always trying, even If I know it might not be right.

The CCM is overwhelming in every way! it is such a rollercoaster ride! but It is getting easier! I actually didn’t want to cry last night.. hahaha but really:)

We went to the temple this morning, for a session. There was a new movie!?? It was so great! Go and tell me if all the temples have them.

I got your letters and package after I sent you that first letter home. So that’s why I was clueless. But mail here is like gold and It’s so fun to go and check it every day! It makes Me so happy when I see letters for SISTER TUTTLE!! :)) yeeee!!! It really makes my day! even if its something simple.. its something! I love it! Thanks for the rolls and butter, it was amazing we were starving that night so it was perfecto!! GRACIAS!! We got them a day late because we didn’t have our key yet.

My time is up but I lovveee you soo much and miss you like crazy but I’m doing good!!!!

Wow this is a messy letter I don’t even have time to read what I wrote so sorry!!
Things I need.
- Hangers!! there weren’t any! so I haven’t really even unpacked yet.. but let’s be real! I still probably wouldn’t be. There is NOO time!
-More journals like the one Eric gave me for Christmas. That is so perfect!
- Mint gum and lifesaver mints that’s the only thing we can have during class.
-my pens and pencils I forgot them at home!

Sorry It’s so messy mom!! But I wanted to tell you as much as I could!! I love you!

I love you guys so much
Sister Tuttle


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