March 9, 2015


la Falda


Hermana Westman

#60 Hermana Westman

Hi fam.

We had transfers this week. Hermana Brown and Hermana Humacta went off to nuevo cordoba. I am now companions with Hermana westman. She’s from Texas she came in the same time as hermana Swan. Hermana oliva the other Hermana in the house is going to train! yahoo! I think now its going to be a house full of hermanas from the U.S.. poor hermana oliva.. but actually who knows maybe she´ll have one from argentina I guess we´ll see.

man I dont like trying to email in such a scramble I cant think of anything….I guess I’ll just tell you somethings we did.
- we got a huge bag of walnuts!.. okay I understand that that might not sound that exciting but really its a big deal nuts are so expensive. Me and hermana humacta have been eyeing all the walnut trees I’m sure we could tell you exactly what houses in la falda have a walnut tree.. im going to stop you there and say no we did not steal the walnuts if thats what you are thinking.. okay maybe two or three that we found on the ground walking.. that was untill one of our members gave us a huge bag yahoo!.

-last night we went to daniels so hermana humacta could say goodbye. I swear I have never been surrounded by so many mosquitos in my life. I put repellant on before we left.. no that didnt stop them one bit.
I have never been so stressed because of mosquitos before. ahh they were only bitting me. I couldn’t keep them off me! The worst part is they were those little stinger ones that burn and sting.. blehh it was the worst!!!
we both left walking home crying.. she was crying because she had to say goodbye and I was crying because I had been attacked by mosquitos AYYYY!

We had a investigator come to church yesterday, we are going to her house right after emails to see how she liked it! so thats kind of exciting! :D

Man mom I really have no Idea what else to write.. blah.. ayy.

im going to send this and keep thinking.


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