April 5, 2015


la Falda


Hermana Westman

#64 conference is like Christmas!

Hi family,
hmmm Im trying to think about what’s new with the crew here in La falda.. just another normal week I guess.. well as normal as you can get when you have a companionship like ours.. totally not normal but Its alot funnier that way… if funnier is a word.
Next monday we have a meeting in cordoba with all the people who are going to work and help at the temple dedication. It is going to be so amazing I can’t even wait for the temple! Speaking of temples, I just loved the talk by President Monson about temples I think that was my favorite of them all.

37 doors in one day this week! . The conversations are so funny sometimes having to never know who’s going to be on the other side and what they are going to say. Not to mention what we are going to say back. It doesn’t help that the Spanish names are hard for gringa missionaries. We are always so confused, wait… what was her name? and there are a thousand marias theres alot of "what maria are you talking about?."
One night we were walking around trying to find people to talk to or doors to knock on. we walked past a huge cute house and I was like, whoohoo lets do it!.. so we finished the street and walked back down. A lot of times those types of houses don’t want anything to do with us or wont even open their door. We clapped (knocked) and a girl walked down the stairs (shes like 28) we were super excited and were talking so fast in our Spanglish. She kind of laughed and said, wait where are you from with your cute little accents? (we don’t love that question) we looked at each other and were like, umm united states. she said, no way I love NEW YORK! were like yes!
Long story short we scheduled a time to go back and help her learn English, we just love her she is so cool. We teach an English class a couple times a week. We always try to tie something in about the gospel or bare our testimonies. We always leave her a Mormon message to watch in English for her homework and the next time she has to explain about the story. The next lesson we were teaching our normal class and she said, wait you haven’t asked about the movies she pulls out her Ipad ( ya, first one I’ve saw since ive been here) and she pulls up 3 videos she had book marked and told us that we have to watch this one. It was so cute.

Maybe something bigger will come out of our little english classes. Im sure she can feel the same spirit that I feel when I watch mormon messages. so I sure hope so.
She also said, remember that day you guys came to my door. I know that god sent you there because that same day was the day I found out I didn’t get into the law school and I was heartbroken. My fall back plan was to learn English, and that very moment you two showed up and offered to help me.

Narrowing down to a couple transfers I have left here. I really can see the hand of god in people’s lives even if they don’t quite know it yet. Its hard for us to watch them not recognize it or push it away. Something also that sticks out in my mind is the talk from elder Eyring he made a promise that im going to try to translate.. he said that if we pray to see the hand of god more in our lives…we will have opportunity to see it. I cant wait to read and re read conference talks. It’s like Christmas for us missionaries.

I love conference and I love to hear the advice and guidance from our prophet and his apostles. because I know its coming straight form our heavenly father. It is such an amazing blessing in our lives.

y bueno! I hope you have a great week. I love you to Argentina and back xoxo!

your little missionary!


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