March 23, 2015


la Falda


Hermana Westman

#62 Hermana Rosa

Hi Family,

This week well, was a little slower.. not much going on.
Tuesday literally was so long. but then Wednesday was so super neat __ dont ask me where this neat word is coming english is super funny lately.

Wednesday our plans fell through and we had about an hour or so until our next meeting so we decided to visit one of members Rosa. Usually when we visit, we read the Book of Mormon with her. We are trying to help her catch up on her reading that they are reading in relief society and sometimes she falls a little behind so we stop by to catch her up. Oh my gosh we were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open. We were reading in 2 Nephi when her daughter knocks at the door and walks in. We knew she was a non-member so I was like oh snap, we have to wake up here and find how can we include her and try to have her join us. I found out all I had to do was just ask her to join us and she said, ya sure! We were halfway through the chapter and im thinking oh my stars what a random place for to her to come in on, she will probably have no idea what we are reading about. If it was just Rosa we could have just started incorporating the scriptures to the lesson and I now I was just praying my heart out I would know how to with her daughter here. It ended up being such a great experience. Im sure Hermana Westman and I learned so much more in the lesson than Rosa and her daughter combined!
The chapter talks about Nephi writing and he feels like he isn’t adequate for the job that he has been given. but later he goes to say the words, in weakness I will be made strong. so I will do it anyway.

When we finished reading the chapter all eyes turned to me. I had to trust in the spirit and in my words, I just had to start explaining what I understood about Nephi and what he was saying and I feel like while me and hermana westman were talking it was just even more powerful because we were not just explaining what we learned from the scripture, we were putting it to the test and even though I wasn’t really sure what direction to take it we trusted 100% in the spirit to help us.
I felt like nephi in that moment, inadequate but perfectly sufficient because its the spirit that touches the hearts.
What an experience letting the spirit guide you, and feeling it warm your heart, and even warmer knowing that the ones you teaching are feeling it too.

We've been talking about prayer and how the faith of someone’s prayer can be so powerful.
As we left that lesson that day I am 100% confident that we were only there to the answer the prayers of hermana rosa and because of her prayers we were able to have an amazing lesson. Because of the faithful prayers of a mother, only member in her family, who desires nothing more than her family to be a part of the amazing gospel that she loves.

Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I know that Hermana Rosa prays every night for the opportunity for her family to become a member. Many times in the Book of Mormon, miracles and mighty things come to pass through the mighty prayers of a father, mother or a prophet.

An angel came to the son of Alma while he was in the midst of doing terrible things but the angle said, hey look what in the world are you doing?... you can change, stop doing these awful things. The son of alma had the chance to change and had a angel visit him because of the faithfulness and the prayers and pleas of his father. thoughts are going so fast and are alittle mixed in Spanish so I hope that even came out making sense.
Its such a blessing that me and Hermana Westman are here in la falda to help Heavenly Father and bring answers to prayers. I have never thought of that until today and I am so grateful.

Sure my neck and shoulders are so tight and out of wack, my arches are so sore from walking endless hours in flat shoes. Im tired and hot... None the less I am grateful. Doesnt mean that I dont have tough days and slow weeks. but I am trying and I am learning how to be a little nicer to myself for not being perfect.
Our weakness really can be made strengths. 14 months of getting down on myself for my very imperfect Spanish and for not thinking I know the lessons enough. But the last two weeks here in la falda we have had 2 of the most powerful lessons. wasnt because of our perfect Spanish or our perfect answers but it was because of the spirit.
Oh also, like what you have a puppy?!.. I still feel like its a trick but just in case, I want to put in some names.. us hermanas thought of a couple. Super argentine
-alfajore, alfy for short
That’s all we got…we thought real hard all day :)

welp time to jet!.

love you to argentina and back!! xoxo!

have a super duper duper great week!

love your little missionary! xo hermana tuttle


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