March 16, 2015


la Falda


Hermana Westman

#61 "Quick Draw"

Hi Family!

This week was a blast here in La Falda with hermana westman!
Hermana Westman basically drowned herself with my netty pot... I was dying.. it was so funny. And the apple juice cleanse…ya, wasn’t our best idea….all morning we had only been drinking apple juice. And then we had to stand on a hot and smelly bus for a 30 min. on a crazy curvy road no less. Hermana Eastman looked at me after about 15 min with this look of like im not going to make it! I told her she just had to hold on! so when the bus sopped she flys off and loses it!! .. eeeeekkkk. so turns out apple juice cleanse isn’t such a great idea especially when your on a mission..
Hermana Westman and I think we’re so funny! Hermana Olvia was going to get a new companion Wednesday so we were trying to think of something fun to welcome her. We wrapped a huge ol box with a picture of us in it :) and a small one with a bunch of candies and alfajores from argentina. We also set up their bunkbeds outside on the pation. And on the pation door we wrote la Falda 2 oh my we thought we were so funny..but the hermanas got home later than we thought so it was a bit anti climatic.. but it was still funny.

the new hermana is from Barcelona. Hermana Girriga. she is so cool and wow! Shes taking the first week of the mission like a champ!

we’ve also been rocking our morning workouts too. aww ya.. minus saturday because we were to sore to move how embarrassing right.

We definitely are eating like north Americans pb&j sandwiches for lunch and we found brown sugar. We tried making cookies.. but I have yet to make a successful cookie here in Argentina I think its not possible!

Having two North Americans together has its plus and minuses. We really rely on each other because we’re in the same boat. We understand each other, It really helps with teaching, it’s one of our strengths.

We had a really amazing lesson yesterday and we both decided that it might have been our favorite lesson we have ever taught. The family we were teaching was really attentive. And for the first time in a while I felt like someone was listening and wanted to hear what we had to share. They actually had questions. And comments…so good in fact the questions were a bit intimidating. "so what do you think about my religion?" its the question that ekk you dont know what to say because you dont want them to be offended or to take anything the wrong way. But yesterday was great and even though at first I had know Idea what to say. But ya know what?.... I knew that I would be guided with my words, even in my broken Spanish. I knew I would have the help to answer the questions that they had.

Its always a little intimidating to have a north american companion especially when your the one with the most experience. But its the moments when you can really see the how important team work is. We are just the tools, it really the holy ghost guiding us. This week was a great testimony builder for us and our companionship. When we talked later that night, I said Hermana, I was rooting and praying for you when you were giving the first vision lesson. And she said, oh man, and I was praying so hard for you when you were answering those questions….Its such a great feeling as a missionary!

after our lesson I was like oh my hermana I am peeing my pants!.. she was like me too that was so amazing!.. I said no... really.. remember how I chugged that litter bottle of water....

we have been really trying to improve our street contacts lately and I feel like it has been helping so much. I decided to just walk with a book of mormon in my hand kind of like a “ quick draw” :) we try to share something about the book of mormon within the first 5 mins. Alot of times the people dont want to listen but its okay, because I love to share my testimony about the book of mormon anyway. So if I have to share it 15 times to find 1 who wants to listen, then thats okay. The Book of mormon is amazing!

Well that’s a wrap for the week!

love you to argetnina and back!

xoxo hermana tuttle


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