December 1, 2014




Hermana Swan

How can you know god has a plan for you?

This week was sweet and kind of crazy!

The other morning Hermana swan said to me, "I think Ive come to a conclusion."okay about what? “At first I thought you just didn't obey the laws of gravity but now I’ve decided, not only do you not obey the laws of gravity I don't think you understand it either”….hahaha…she might be right. :)

This week was our areas turn to have “the stand" It’s a rotating big sign that travels around the mission. The sign has a web site and has a “question of the soul”...How can you know if God has a plan for you?"I think thats how they say it in english anyway. So we decided to have the elders help us set it up in our little town Laguna Larga, thinking woohoo what a great idea.. then we were like okay now what…. *crickets*.. haha I dont think we thought that through. We were so excited when some ladies finally walked by and we were like yes! Hola! We were so excited to give them a card... but then it was awkward for the next hour or so because every ten minutes or so they had to walk by because the were exercising around their block. They would walk by and show us their card like, ya we have one haha .. so ya, that was a success! :)
Tuesday the plan was to go and help Juan mop his floor. We are supposed to have another girl with us or we weren’t allowed to help in his house. We were struggling to find someone but we thought we would at least stop by and tell him we were trying and would be back. When we got there he had all of his stuff out of his house and a bucket of water waiting for us. oh man we felt so bad so I pulled out the phone to call coca, but she didn’t answer. Hna Swan thought of Ninfa, but I felt so bad calling her last minute and thinking poor her! That’s the last thing she has time for today. But we called anyway. She couldn’t right then but she said later in the afternoon she could. So we met at her house a 6 and walked over to Juans. While we were mopping, I was listening to Ninfa talk to Juan. I realized that by being so hesitant to ask for help im robbing people of the opportunity to serve. It never hurts to ask and invite someone to help. Having her with us made it 10x better. I loved watching Juan and Ninfa sit and talk and im sure Juan was happy to have a new friend. I also realized something else. As missionaries we are always offering our help and clearly they need it but a lot of the time they wont accept the help. It’s sad because we all at times need help and we all need to have opportunities to serve. Come on… it’s a win win!
Mom you asked me last week about Oncativo …..well first, every area has a different set of challenges. Yes Oncativo is a tough area, everyone knows it. Ha ha it actually comes with a “WARNING humble pie” It’s the area that you find out what kind of missionary you are! It’s a hard area for an impatient person (me :) It makes you think, which is bad for someone who already thinks too much (again… me :) and even worse for a person who cant make decisions (haha) and someone who still works on following through…So you can only imagine :) BUT….. IT IS THE PERFECT ANSWER for a person who needs to grow up a little. Perfect for someone who wants to learn how to “Just do it.” Perfect for someone who wants to work hard and learn to follow through. And last, perfect for a person who wants to prove it to themselves that they can!! I feel bad that it came across that Oncantivo is the problem and that I don’t like it here because I do. Maybe I just struggled at first with the lessons the area was trying to teach me :) I also learned you cant run away from your problems..wished that worked, but you cant really run from yourself haha so that stinks! So yes Oncativo is hard and it has shown me all my weaknesses… like all at once haha! But really. It’s all good, I Iove being a missionary not matter where and no matter how hard.

ahh time to go! no!! I never have enough time! Oh I want to write so many people and explain the week better but just dont have time!!


love you to argentina a back!



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