November 24, 2014




Hermana Swan

#45 Just the little things

Hi Family,
This week was so crazy busy having to go back and forth to Cordoba for Hermana Swans visa. Turns out Hermana Wades comp. needed hers too… it was so fun to see her. We got to spend the night together in Cordoba.
So between conferences and doing Hermana Swans visa I think we were in oncativo a total of 2 days. Unfortunately both those days were spent in the apt. with a very sick Hermana Swan. :(
Last week we started going to a little town near us called laguna larga its about a 20 min bus ride. We have just been struggling here in Oncontivo finding contacts and we had to do something so I was like Hna lets go.. haha at first I think she was like uhhh… wait where are we going.. to an even smaller town?

We got off the bus and stood there and were like okay now what?!. I dont think we thought this through very well….so we just started walking and started talking to everyone we saw. We love going there now the only problem is going to get people to church because there’s no branch there and they would have to go to oncativo but I guess we’ll see.

Tues. 18, 2014
Oh this Tuesday :) little tender mercies…. Basically today if I would have had anytime to write this morning im sure it would have been along the lines of… I just cant do this anymore like I really just cant. Today was just another one of those days here in oncantivo that I was feeling alittle worn. But we just have to keep going. So we packed our stuff to go to Cordoba tonite for the reunion. But before we had to make the trip to Cordoba we decided we had time to run to catch the bus to Laguna Larga. As we were sweating bullets running for the bus im thinking ugh what is even the purpose!?
Today was 96 with this miserable hot wind... oh my so hot!! And with our overnight bags or more like fabric Walmart bags, we were thinking there’s no way we can walk in the sun all day with these bags and then I remembered a contact we had made the other day. A lady named Claudia. We were in front of a fruit store and I asked her how to say watermelon haha then we helped her carry some boxes across to her house. She was so nice. So today I said, ok Hermana are you ready to go out on a limb? I said take everything valuable out of your bag haha…long story short we ended up leaving our stuff at her house and went looking for the contact that the elders had sent us to find. Unfortunately she wasn’t home and no one was in the streets so we found ourselves right back at the fruit stand. Last time we were there the man at the fruit stand had given us some apricots and prunes. He was so nice, so I attempted to write him a note…Muchas gracias por la fruita el otra dia! Muy amable haha don’t judge my writing in Spanish. Haha lets be real I don’t even know how to spell in English. But I made an envelope out of an ensign talk that I liked and gave it to him anyway. I think he thought it was cute….he ended up giving us more fruit…so next time I am going to bring him a book of Mormon. We went back to Claudia to get our things. I still Cant believe we left our stuff there but hey it was better than carrying it around all day and…We ended up teaching Claudia a lesson!!! She was so receptive, we gave her a book of Mormon and we talked about the restoration. We even finished with a prayer. It was so great!
Heavenly Father really does bless us for trying. It was tough getting to Laguna Largo and at the time it made no sense but we went anyway and were blessed, enough to feel like I can keep going! I can do this! So I can’t give up, I just need to continue to move forward, dig deep, and take the extra leap of faith. My Heavenly Father will always be there to help. I know that it’s true because I have felt it.
Oh!! times up I have to go love and miss you all so much


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