September 29, 2014




Hermana Gonzalez

#37 We can't do it alone

Today reading my letters... I am just so grateful to my heavenly father and for all the people he has put in my life. He really does have a plan for each and every one of us. I look at the times in my life... and its incredible to see his hand in all the little things. I am so grateful for all the times my prayers were answered through others, helping me learn and grow. I would not be who I am or where I am serving this mission without all of those special moments. It’s amazing to me to see how it all comes together. Being here on this mission has really helped me gain an eternal perspective and a purpose here on earth. Ive learned how much we all need each other, it’s such a blessing how Heavenly Father answers our prayers sometimes through other people.

We are all on this journey, to make it back to him, not only that, but make it back to him while helping each other along the way. It just wouldn't work if we had to do it all alone.

If you want something good to read: 2 Nephi I think. where Nephi says, I know these things are true, I have seen angels, I have seen miracles, I have felt god’s love. Im trying to do what’s right, why do I still have trials, temptation, sadness. Why do I get so angry and down on myself. How is it possible if I know the truth and the plan for us?

I like that part of scripture because it reminds me that everyone will have times of temptation and weakness because its part of the plan.

One thing we promise when we are baptized mosiah 18:8 " Willing to bear one another’s burdens that they might be light..."

We all have things that are hard for us, make us sad and frustrated. Its through those trials and accepting our weakness that we learn and grow so we can not only help ourselves but help others. Everyone has a story, built from experiences that help make us. We all have something special to share to help others.

There is a video I want you to look up. It’s called come unto to Christ. I am sure you can find it on youtube. Come unto Christ theme for 2014. The picture is either a group of teenagers around a piano or Jesus in the river being baptized. (Just look around)

It’s so good. haha… I feel like I’m a bad missionary because, I sometimes leave a lesson thinking that I’m almost positive I got more out of that lesson than they did …. but anyway….

We had one of the neatest lessons this week with a recent convert who has had a struggle with Alcoholism. We called him the other night to make plans for the next day and we could tell he had been drinking. He was about to start to cry and said, he had been trying really hard but that he had messed up… I’ve made a mistake.
The next day he told us how disappointed in himself he was. My companion showed him the video "Come unto to Christ”. The video reminded him that it really doesn’t matter how many times we make a mistakes or mess up there’s a way to come back.

"God doesn’t care nearly as much about where you have been or where you are but were you are willing to go with his help."

The Lord has a plan for us, and how perfect it is, and we need each other’s support to learn and grow.
We are never alone on our Journey

Wow, I am so grateful,
I love being a missionary!

I am just so happy I really just am. :D

I love Oncativo! My companion is Hermana Gonzalez from Mexico.. shes the weirdest!. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who can say they live argentina with a Mexican companion listening to her read The Book of Mormon in French who does that?!…… Oh… Hermana Gonzalez.
She reads it to me in all sorts of languages.. for all I know she’s making it up.. haha I wouldn’t know the difference.. :) she says things like, lets learn French… do you want to practice Portuguese with me?.. I’m like uhh hello have we met.... soy Hermana chuttle (they pronounce my name chuttle in Oncativo)….how about lets learn Spanish…

facts about Oncativo

The sunsets, sunrises and stars are amazing.
our spiral stair case makes me so dizzy.
the people are a little bit harder to talk too..
we are always alone in the streets.. like where is everyone?.
first time in 8 months I haven’t had bunk beds.
Its finally clicking… I think I’m actually learning Spanish!!

took me almost 8 months but I think I actually understand what it means to conjugate.. and when you need too yaya! Im learning I’m learning!

Hermana Gonzalez is the bomb and I love Oncativo….. google map it.

Have a great week, I love you to Argentina and back!

hermana chuttle.:) i love it.


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