September 21, 2014




Hermana Gonzalez

#36 Didn't get to say goodbye :(

The title of this journal entry should be thanks for the heads up! We got a call from the Elders at 4 o’clock for the numbers and then they said, oh by the way you guys need to be packed and catch the 6 o’clock bus to San Francisco. Oh by the way…. I got transferred to Oncativo with Hermana Gonzalez who’s from Mexico. We thought we had at least until the next morning to say goodbyes and pack but guess not! So we had two hours to get from where we were to our apt. gather up all my stuff, and be in the terminal with ticket in hand. It was a disaster, or more like I was a disaster! It was so hot I was sweating from head to toe running around packing. I cried from the moment we jammed all my stuff in the little taxi all the way to San Francisco. And by jammed I mean Sister Cornejo was sitting on one of my suitcases and I’m squished in straddling the other two….Im telling you it was one crazy afternoon. I cried and cried the whole bus ride, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. What a bum way to leave an area. Im just greatful I was able to say goodbye to the Gonzalez family yesterday….. I love them so much. So as I was leaving, Samuel said close your eyes and put out your hands….he gave me his mate! it was the sweetest thing. I’ve lived in Argentina for 8 months now and I still haven’t tried it. But in my defense, President only changed the rules 2 transfers ago that we can drink it as long as we are in our apartment. Ive been promising them I was going to try it, yay! Im going to have to send them a picture.
This morning In the terminal I was able to see Hna Bishoff and Hna Rivera, oh I’ve missed them so much! They are both headed home. Ive been praying I would be able to see Hna Rivera before she left. Hna Bishoff and Hna Rivera both served in Oncativo so it will be fun following in their footsteps. I’m excited for a new start and to be able to do things alittle different and be alittle better. Im going to be praying for the gift of tongues..I want to be able to talk like them!! So lets do it!!!
We just had transfers, so I honestly don’t know much about my new area. I know I love it though. But I’m not so sure about the spiral staircase up to my apartment. My first thought was how in the world am I going to get my three huge suitcases up those! When hna Gonzalaz said, what did you bring rocks? I was like, Uh noo… maybe I’ll wait a couple days before I introduce her to Robert, my pet rock :) We get all my stuff up to the apartment and run down the street to the kiosko that a member happens to owns and bought stuff to make pizza and now here I am writing in my journal :) Hermana Gonzalez is so sweet and had all my sheets and blankets washed and ready for me. The apartment seems nice. Just still a little sketched out by the stair case, Just waiting for the time that Hermana Tuttle takes a “trip” down it. :/

Sorry not much time to write, just some of my journal entries. I sent some pictures of my new room and pictures of my peeps that I will miss in Las Varillas. Oh.. It’s wasso hard too leave :)
Have a great week, I love and miss you all so much!
XOXOXO your bailey


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