September 8, 2014


Las Varillas


Hermana Cornejo

#34 Whelp another day another nickle

Hi eerrrbody!

Another day another nickle.

I got this message from Hermana Rivera this last week .. oh it made my day I laughed so hard. She reminded me that almost every day for my first transfer I said this walking out of the pension in Carlos Paz " whelp another day another nickle." -spongebob of course :)

Well…. it’s more like another week and… no nickle.. but for us it worked.

Transfers are coming up and hna Cornejo and I aren’t really sure what to expect :) I am so sad because at the end of the transfer my trainer Hermana Rivera will be going home. It’s so weird to think that when I got here she had the same amount of time left on her mission that I have right now.. oh my stars so weird!

anyway this week was good just another week! We are going to try to take pictures that explain our day next time so you can have something a little different.

Well I dont have much time today because I sent home pictures so sorry for no letter but at least you have pictures.. right ? :)

tonight for family home evening could you to look up a mormon message.. Because Of Him.
Tell me what your thoughts are. It’s so good I love it so much!

Also for family home evening tonight could you help me out with something… could you pick one of the commandments and explain how its a blessing in your life by living it.
for example: tithing, word of wisdom, right now marriage would be a good one almost all of my investigators are struggling with that.

Really any of the commandments would be great. just so I have something different to share with investigators.
Also, I need recipes everyone asks me to make a desert from home… im like uuhhh... I cant remember a thing! caramel popcorn… pancakes… I can’t think of recipes! also I need some healthy food recipes for me too :)

whelp thats all I have time for :) love ya!

Have the best week eva!

I love you to argentina and back xoxo

your bailey!


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