September 1, 2014


Las Varillas


Hermana Cornejo

#33 And.....I'm back!!!

Hi Hi Hi Family :)

Somehow you always know what to say to cheer me up :)
Sorry for my letter last monday.. haha that is if you can even call it a letter. so ya, sorry for my NO letter ;) I had been pretty homesick the last couple of weeks, aww Just missing home and your hugs, I think my heart just needed to let you know how I was feeling and that I was having a bit of a rough time…just missing you all so much… I realized its okay to miss home a little here and there.. well maybe alot ;) because it makes me realize how grateful and blessed I am to have such amazing family and friends to love and miss. Last monday I was trying so hard to write you I really was.. I just had so much emotion… I just didnt know how to get it out in an email, I mean really, its hard for me even on my best days.. :)
So instead, I just stared at the computer and cried… not real effective I get that.. :) but I think it might have helped because I couldn’t stop laughing at myself after.. "like really! how could you not type anything? " so ya mom... the bright side, I didnt cry for too long, and It also helped that on the way home I found some baby lotion at the pharmacy... mom you know how much I love the smell of baby lotion and how happy it makes me….oh the little things…..So dont worry I felt much better after that…. but ya, sorry for no letter :)
Thanks for your love, and letters, hugs and poems ... speaking of poems.. mom your poem was so cute! like how did you think of that!!? I don’t know if I was crying because it was so sweet or crying because it was so funny. Oh really It was the best and made my day. thank you!!
I guess its the week for poems.. This week I found this poem on the back of one of my favorite photos of Jesus Christ holding a childs hand.. I was going to send the photo but I left my camera at the house..booo!
anyway this is the poem.
"Take my hand and follow me,
there are things ahead for you to see,
Little wonders all around,
and tender mercies to be found,
we´ll take our time no need to run,
breathe deep the air and feel the sun.
The grass is soft beneath our feet,
Sounds are soothing the air is sweet.
Sometimes we´ll stop and just be still,
our hearts will tell us god is real.
small graces along our path appear,
they let us know that heavens near,
so take my hand anew each day,
the walk is lovely and I know the way.
I loved it so much. I just need to enjoy the journey because its how you get there that matters most right ;)
I was thinking the other day after I read that, when else will I be able to write in my journal at night about the kite I flew in Santa fe argentina, stories about meeting so many different people. Having so many experiences teaching and learning every single day. Best thing ever…. Im able to have a name tag over my heart and help my Heavenly Father find those people who need a little hope.
It just reminded me to look for all the little tender mercies Heavenly Father gives me every day, and all the many blessings he has for us.
alma 26:27
"when our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back, behold the Lord comforted us and said, bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give thee success."
I love this scripture especially more so this last week…Alma was about to give up and turn back, Heavenly Father comforted him and gave him strength. I know that if we get down on our knees and ask he will always be there to comfort and give us strength. I sure have felt his comfort, love and tender mercies this week and I am so grateful. So when life gets too hard to stand.. kneel, and look for his tender mercies because they are all around us.
This week we got bikes!! whoohoo!! I love it!! and even better… mine is pink!! Bikes are totally awesome and all but there are a couple drawbacks:

-you cant talk with your companion as much. Im sure Hna cornejo is like pheww I don’t have to listen to hna Tuttle talk about anything, everything and nothing at all anymore :)

-Its harder to star gaze on the way home.. well actually not harder just a little more sketchy! :) oh by the way, I saw a shooting star the other night.. yay It was so big it kinda looked like fire ball, maybe it was a metor? I dont know and…. haha ok now Im thinking I should have just left it at HEY guys I saw a shooting star.. right? :)

-bikes give you one really sore bumm ;)

-oooh and its kinda hard to ride in a skirt
But hey, other than that I’m loving It! :D
Speaking of bikes, the other day I was on the back of hna cornejos bike because Juan (a member) was on mine, he was going with us to a lesson.. anyway I’m on the back sitting on a little bar holding on for dear life riding down this bumpy dirt road.. the driver.. not to point fingers.. cough cough… hna cornejo hit a giant hole and I went flying forward .. thank goodness hna cornejos spine was there to put a stop to all of my momentum and stop me from going over the top of her.. oh my poor nose.. I mean hermana cornejo's back! Ouch! My nose and chin strait into her back!! eeshhh..

I am filled with so much gratitude and love. I have a huge smile on my face because I am so grateful to be a missionary! I hope you all have a good week!

thought I’d write you a little poem too.
to say how grateful I am for you.

I love you so much
I wish I could give you hugs and such

love you to argentina and back.. xoxo


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