August 18, 2014


Las Varillas


Hermana Cornejo

#31 I love Service....hate Spiders!

Hola family.

This week Hermano Inga asked us if we could help clean up the church... We get there and see that he had his weed wacker and lawn mower.... we were like yes! Until …I saw the huge spiders! I thought it was a frog in the grass it was so big. so I get the heebeegeebees and started running, ya I know its just some spiders but I only had on a skirt and flat shoes….can you say unprotected! So Im running, shaking my legs and stomping my feet, until I tripped on the hole from the christmas nativity. I get up, finally make it to the side walk. I turn around and there I see Hermano Inga standing there with his weed wacker and a huge smile on his face. He turns it off and said, uuhhh ¿ are you okay?

I am pretty sure thats the reason he only let hermana Cornejo use the weed wacker. but hey im over it :)

We didn’t have time to change before helping at the church. And to be honest I dont think we really knew what we were getting ourselves into.. Im sure we looked pretty goofy in our skirts and dresses.

For p-day today we went to the park and flew kites. I am pretty sure that is one of my favorite things.. but really It was so fun and its such a beautiful day.. finally its starting to warm up a bit and we are loving it.

Hermana Cornejo and I just love being able to be in las varillas. I cant tell you how many times we walk out of a lesson or walk away from meeting someone and all we can say is… wow!

My weeks are filled with so many thoughts, feelings, emotion and amazing moments I dont know why it’s so hard for me to pick something to tell you and just start to write. but it’s like I cant even begin to explain.. especially when I can hear the clock ticking above my head.

mom how come I am so bad at writing?!!. if anyone knows how frustrating it is, I know you do. I have so much I want to share but I feel like I cant even start with only an hour… so I end up with nothing. I always walk away thinking are you kidding me.. how come I cant explain the things I want.. anyway.. I guess I just need questions so I can try and answer them because my brain just doesn’t work when I sit in front of the computer. also I wish I had time to use that alphasmart but I hardly have the time or energy to pick up the pen at night to write in my journal I am so tired. :)

All I know is that Heavenly Father knows every single one of us, I know he hears and answers our prayers
I’m sorry for my letters trust me,.I’m workin’ on it!

I sure can’t wait until I can tell you all about everything and….. everything!

I love you and miss you so much have a great week!

I love you to Argentina and back xoxo!


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