August 11, 2014


Las Varillas, Argentina


Hermana Cornejo

#30 I know why im here....

Hi everyone,
Im hoping that my photos will make up for my lame letter…. Right? The space bar on this computer doesn’t work, I like have to punch it. How come I always get the bum one? :)

This week was Jeramias baptism. He is the sweetest thing! We were so excited. His family lives 20 mins out of las varillas on the cutest little farm ever. They are a less active family but have started to come back to church. We seriously love this family so much they are my favorite! Half of the members at church on Sunday ( but literally) is the Family Ocampos. Hermana Rosa is the grandma and she loads up all of her grand kids and takes them to church with her. She is such an amazing example to us and to her family.

Poor little Jeramia, cute little guy, the water was freezing but he was such a good sport and was just beaming.

We love teaching their family and going out to the farm. One of the members takes us out there, rosa gathers up her family and we pull chairs around in a big circle in the field it is just our favorite. after we always play a little game of soccer with the little kids. The other day. haha I was running solo.. might I add…. not even near the ball or anyone else.. just over there minding my own business and somehow I tripped myself up and ended up on the ground ….It wasn't pretty... especially in a skirt.. I dont even know what to say beside like why? :) it was funny but how embarrassing right? :) but really whats new….

I didn’t used to think Tuttle was such a weird name. I had to get used to just introducing myslef as hermana toot-a- lay but here in Las Varillas that doesnt really work either.. usually they just say hermana tooti.. Bueno, well that works too I guess haha. oh and I have a another name too.. Hermana cornjeo is tiny, so the other day little tiago called me the giant.. noooooo.... how come im always big bailey... like can I just be little bailey for once?.. haha so ya hermana tooti or the big hermana.... yes!... :)

Our bikes are stilll broken! boo hoo! but hopefully soon we will be getting them fixed. but for now we are walking... I say walking but I am telling you we are kind spoiled here, when members come with us to teach lessons they always drive us.

How do we have people to teach?.. we have a list of the members and all the menos activos (less active).. so we have been cleaning up the list a little. visiting and helping getting members back to church. By doing that, we find so many new people to teach, part member families and friends and references. That’s what’s so awesome about our missions new plan. which is re-activate, retain, and baptize all at the same time. It’s really so awesome.

For all those times ive thought or wrote in my journal, wondering why In the world I’m here in the the Argentina Cordoba mission. The Language the culture….I’m starting to understand a little better of why my heavenly father wanted me here in this mission. I was talking after splits with Hma Mcbride about how much we love teaching and getting to know the less active members and recent converts. Not all missions have this amazing opportunity that we have in my mission to really focus on converts and less active members. I am greatful for this special opportunity to be here to see the light of this gospel come back into their lives because it truly is a light you can see. My heavenly Father knew that I would love these members that he has given to me to help and love. My testimony has grown and this mission has helped me understand the gospel and what it really means to have a testimony. I might struggle with the language, the culture and being understood but its ok because I know this is the mission I need to be in. I know my Heavenly Father truly knows each and every single one of us. It just seems impossible but I know he does because I can feel it…wow I really just can feel it.

oh… its time to go, have a great week. love you!

love you to argentina and back xoxo!

your bailey!


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