July 28, 2014


Las Varillas, Argentina


Hermana Cornejo

#28 "thoughts in English and Spanish"

Hola family! its Monday and I’m in San Fran again today! and I dont have a clue what to write about again! haha how about that! :)

But before I forget!!! Mom please tell everyone that they CAN write me LONG letters, everyone always says they don’t want to take my computer time but…I CAN PRINT THE LETTERS AND READ THEM LATER..I just cant respond very often because I don’t have time unfortunately. But I love, love, love letters….long letters, short letters (mostly long tho haha :)

Well since I have no idea I’ll share a quote that I found this week and absolutely loved!!

“however many mistakes you have made or talents you feel you dont have, or however far from home, family and God you feel, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. "

This quote was beyond perfect for me this week when I stumbled upon it in my person study. ( That’s a big thanks to Heidi Estes and the little photo quotes she gave me. :)

It doesn’t matter how inadequate I feel, I know I have a Heavenly father who’s cheering me on and has confidence in me.

It was so perfect at that moment when I was feeling all my insecurities but it was the sweetest reminder that My Heavenly Father loves me.

I was studying in preach my gospel about spiritual gifts and then started making a list from the scriptures of all the gifts and blessings I can have and obtain if I just ask. I was surprised at how long my list was getting and realized I can become the person I want to become with the help of my heavenly father. He has made a way for us and we just have to ask.

I was getting a little overwhelmed looking at the list of my goals for the week and trying to choose just one. more patience, more love, how to forgive, more faith, more strength. Aahhh I want them all!!! Maybe I’ll start with patients haha… well whatever I choose I know he will help me. wow that possibly made no sense but hey thats actually better because now you can do your own studying up on spiritual gifts.. :)

Anyway, random thought for the week.. well I have a lot but heres one for you, I was thinking about this as me and hermana Cornjeo get chased by all the random dogs in all of Argentina.. for the record shes just as scared as I am so…. except she’s a little smarter than I am…. when the dogs come barking and chasing us, she goes running and I freeze, so Im always left in the dust surrounded by the dogs and she’s over laughing and wont come help...anyway…these are spanish dogs…not English dogs …they don’t know English like speedy right?…which brings me to why im even going into this…It’s so weird how my thoughts are sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English. Someone asked me if I was still dreaming in English…seriously, I have no idea…ok I realize this makes no sense haha…I’ll move on :)

" faith always points to the future. " isnt that so true. Love it. Its from a talk called remember lotts wife. ive already told you about it but read it again. It really is so good, its by Elder Holland a talk he gave at byu.

Last week was freezing, but I mean freezing!.. I feel like the kid off Christmas story trying to walk around. and Hermana Cornejo, the hooligan, loves the cold and she hardly wears anything but a little jacket so everyone looks at me that what.. why are you dressed for the snow? but really im like look at her its the middle of winter and shes dressed for spring.. but anywhoo…..

we live in a tiny little house in the middle of our area. It’s a nice little spot. It’s been weird only having just the two of us because I am used to having two other hermanas living in an apt. in Carlos Paz were there was always people around. But just the two of us is nice too. And yep, we made bunk beds! we wanted more room for our table and.... their awesome! Im still the top bunk.! Whoohoo!
Our house seems awfully dark at night.. like alot.. so I made Hermana Cornejo go on a hunt for a night light. Now its not so bad…. I have an outlet right up by my bed dont ask me why…. but its perfect :)

wow I think this is the most random email I’ve ever wrote but hey ;)

next time write me a list of questions and maybe that will help to know what you guys want to know :)

Something else I love about Las Varillas is the stars, they are so bright because we are so far out of the city. I’m always starring up at the stars as were walking home.. ( not that safe I know but I cant help it, it’s so pretty. I tell Hrm how much I love the stars every night and she just laughs :)

It doesn’t take much to make me happy :)

Hermana Fairbanks taught me a little song that goes to the tune of.. hush little baby….

I see the moon.
the moon sees me
the moon sees somebody I’d like to see.
so God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the somebody id like to see.

I sing that almost every night :) I sure love and miss you more than you know :)

ahaha this is what happens when I don’t have time before to think about what I am going to write.

love you to Argentina and back! I sure do I do I do! Tell everyone thanks for the letters because it makes my day and I carry them around with me all week :) a little love from my lehi utah :) so thanks for all the love you send :)

wow I can seriously feel the heat from my cheeks It was so stressful trying to write :) haha Have a great week.

Love your bailey! :D


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