July 21, 2014


Las Varillas, Argentina


Hermana Cornejo

#27 Giving out Book of Mormons on the street

We had the afternoon to work here in San Fran after the district meeting. The hermanas in San Fran were really stressed out all ready and me and Hermana Cornejo didn’t feel like they needed to hear, “Oh by the way we are staying in your area again so you need to plan for us too”. So once they left for their appointment, we thought for a bit about what to do. We don’t know any contacts or members, We decided we didn’t want to sit and do nothing, so on our way out the door to find some contacts, I saw a stack of Book of Mormons on the shelf. I had never just given out a book of Mormon on the street so I guessed this would be as good of a time as any :) We wrote the other sisters number in the back and highlighted our favorite scriptures. Im so greatful for the Book of Mormon. As we were walking down the street, my testimony was strengthened, knowing I had something so special that I wanted to share.
The first one we gave out was a family in the plaza, a young mom and dad and their cute little toddler running around.

The second one was to a man walking through the park. He gave us his number for the sisters to contact him. It melted my heart to see him walking the opposite way holding that Book of Mormon.
The third, we gave to a man that was working in his kiosko. He had his two little daughters with him. How cool was it that when we gave him a card with directions to the church on it, he said oh ya I know where that is, I help build that building. :)
I was so greatful for the opportunity to be a missionary yesterday.
I can only pray and hope those Book of Mormons we gave out will touch someones life. But whether it does or not, I know it reminded me how special it is to me.

7-10-14 (journal entry)
Moving day! Just finished getting all packed up now just waiting to go to the terminal wow... I think ive had my fair share of mold here in argentina. EEEwwww this one is still a little too soon it still makes me kind of gaggy! I was all packed up besides all the stuff in the bathroom and by that I guess I mean my toothbrush haha….I go to get it out of the temporary toothpaste box ive been keeping it in all week and I notice in the box theres green mold all over leaking out… is that even ok???!!!! Noooo boohoo ok now that that’s out there…..

Another fun thing yesterday was I got the package mom sent. im so greatful! she sent such fun stuff but my favorite was Pictures! Oh I could look at them all day…..and I did! :)

(journal entry)
Argentina!!.....siesta….like why!? And then the football….this town is shut down. So the sisters had two new investigators in mind so all four of us could go watch the game. The Hermanas took one bike and we took the other. And haha that’s right I got to be the driver because clearly she didnt know how uncoordinated i am when it comes to certain skills haha. Anyway we didn’t make it half way down the road before we were riding on the rims. The problem is… well two problems…the house is on the other side of town and will take an hour to walk and the second is theres no bike shops open to get air. Ok well three… we didn’t have a key to our garage to even leave it in so we decided to start walking (with our bike) like we guessed we passed shops... no one was open. We even knocked on a couple of doors and asked if they had a bike pump ya, no one did. Poor Hermana Humacata….she wanted to watch it so bad she even hinted “oh so hows the game?” haha we were so obvious but like 3 or 4 time we were shot down. We continued with walking our bike, saw some kids, asked if they had a pump, theirdad help us get our tires pumped and we were off. Finally get there....he wasn’t home1 noooo….seriously! we happened on a lady who was washing her moto we started talking to her and made plans to come back anther day to talk to her. As we were leaving she mentioned her son and husband were watching the game and did we want to watch it. Uuhhh…yes please!! She made us mate and pepas. Aawww….It reminded me of my family… mom inviting strangers in and making food and my dad just being chill with it all like it's nothing new, no big deal. We became instant friends and in between time outs we talked about being a missionary and our families and we answered a couple of questions they had. Turns out her grandma was a mormon. She asked us when did we want to come over for dinner and to give them a lesson….what?! sweet!! They are so nice so next Monday we are going over. We said we would make dessert so I have to hurry and learn how to make lemon pie :) it’s their favorite :)

sorry mommy hope you can understand my pictures of journal entries i just never have enough time on the computer.

thanks so much for your support and love, I miss you so much I cant wait for that day when we get to stay in bed all day, sitting around just talking and catching up everything!!! :)
love you to argentina and back
your bailey


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