July 14, 2014


Las Varillas, Argentina


Hermana Cornejo

#26 "you can never fall so fast, so hard, so far that you can never get back when your lost"

Hola familia,
“you can never fall so hard, so fast, so far that you cant get back when your lost."
Im going to try my best to write this letter. I cant tell you how hard it is to get your thoughts together in this little gas station place with this music aahh!!..
I think I'm more confused about the purpose of the siesta and how all of Argentina can shut down than I am about the language.. so I guess I could call that progress or something.. ? :)
But really why!?? Seriously, dont they know we have work to do.. and we cant do it if everyones sleeping!! :) from 1-4 in the afternoon good luck trying to find a store open or a person on the street. man its a challenge and thats not even including the soccer games. When there's a soccer game on…..not to mention the world cup… it’s a ghost town, speaking of which boo hoo Argentina lost..
We still dont know our area very well it has been so hard to have to go back and forth every day.. and the worst part is the bus drops us off at noon, just in time for everyone to sleep.. oh ya Las Varillas starts siesta early because its a little town. so its been tough :)
WE finally moved friday though, so it should be a bit easier to get around! we moved all of our stuff friday but still havent spent alot of time there because we had some stuff to do saturday in san fran. but we did go back for church sunday and now we are back.. Holy makeral cant wait until we can finally get settled in las varillas! :)
Church there is so sweet, the church is a little house that they turned into a little church it is seriously so cute! I love our little meetings. The members are so great to help us. They come to lessons with us and show us around. We’re grateful because now at least we are only lost some of the time and not all of the time ;)
Every monday we have zone p-day here in san fran. my zone right now is three areas. san fran , las varillas, and arryoito. san fran has 6 elders and 2 hermanas. Hermana Amaya (mexico), hermana Humacata ( Argentina) I had the hardest time saying her name I found myself remembering it by singing .. hakuna matata.. hahah its like a mix right. )
Anyway, then the hermanas in Arroyito are hermana Espinoza (paragyuy) and hermana mathews (st. george). Then there is Hermana Cornejo and myself in Las Varillas.
Every p-day we all have p-day together. Usually we play soccer or charades.. haha sounds silly buts its so fun. Then on monday nights we all work together here in San Fran. We spend the night because we have our zone meeting in the mornings and its not worth going all the way back and forth.
I have loved getting to know all the hermanas. man they are all so amazing, they teach me so much!
last monday I was on exchange with hermana mathews. while we walked we had the best conversation. We talked about some of our experiences and it was just neat. while we talked I realized how aganin how grateful I am.

This week I really realized how importnat and speacil prayer is. Everything starts with prayer. the relationship with our heavenly father is so special and so important. Its such a simple thing but it is so important.
He is our father in heaven and I know that he hears our prayers, he loves us so much. He knows everything we are going through. He knows the things we need and struggle with. Actually, he probably knows us better than ourselves. but he waiting ever so patiently for us to ask, ask for his strentght and his hands.. and his love.
My testimony of prayer was really strengthened. I want to make my prayers more meaningful. Even on the nights I crawl into bed so tired. I know that that time to get on our knees is so specail.
On monday night with hermana mathews we were talking about he attonement and she said something that I really loved. She said, I dont know how else to descibe the attonement without thinking of the song I stand all amazed. I cant think of a better way to describe it either. Its perfect. what a special gift we have been given. but how do we use it.. I have been learning and trying to understand it alttle more.. it is so amazing but Im not sure I will ever fully understand. but this a little piece of my thoughts.
when I think of the attonement I think of the things In my life I want to improve, goals I want to achieve, but also my flaws and the things I don’t quite get right.
To me, this is how I can apply the attonement. .. make goals to change and try to do better. It’s all because of his sacrafice and love for us. I have the opportunity to start fresh every week, every day. I can become the person I want to become and the person he knows I can be and he will be there with me every step of the way. All I need to do is get on my knees and pray. Tell him my struggles and the goals I have, pray for forgiveness and strength….we just need to start and he will help us with the rest.
I stand all amazed when I think of his plans for each and every single one of us.
Remember … "you can never fall so hard, so fast, so far that you can never get back when your lost."
Theres a way to start, to change, and to get back to his arms.

your bailey

I love you to Argentina and back :) xoxo


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