July 7, 2014


Las Varillas


Hermana Cornejo

#25 AWWWW I really love my new area.

Awww..... I really do love my new area. Las Varillas is a little town about 4 hours east of Cordoba…well at least on a bus. We are still living here in San Fransico though with other Hermanas, but we found a place to live in Las Varillas so we will hopefully be moving down there sometime this next week. It’s going to be so much easier than having to take an hour and a half ride to our area every day. It’s not so bad actually, it’s a beautiful drive through the country but lets be real we sometimes barely make it to our seats before we crash. :) I say it’s a little town which it is, but its really spread out so it’s really a big.. little town haha awwwha I have no idea.. anyway, im so excited it’s a bike area…we will be cruising and by cruising…..I mean RACING! Man Bradley, I think you ought to race Hermana Cornejo… I don’t know how she does it. The other day we were helping the other Hermanas in their area and we took the bikes. I was so excited….but after five minutes I was like oh snap…maybe bikes aren’t my favorite, my legs were so tired and hermana was so far ahead of me I have no idea how she does it! Like really?! We got to the house and I was like holy cow hna and she said..that was….ahaha hold me :)
On a bright side, Hermana Cornejo and I met ALL the members the first day, pretty impressive right? Well not so much, this branch basically is made up of only two families so ….not such a hard task to tackle :) They are awesome and were waiting for us at the bus terminal, they were so excited to have Hermanas coming. They took us around to a few of the less actives and even had some investigators ready for us. I can’t wait to continue to get to know the area and the people.
We know It will be a more difficult area. The members and the branch need some mending and help to turn some things around. But me and hermana Cornejo are going to do our best to help with whatever we can to show our love and help in any way we can.
Hermana Cornejo….oh snap shes funny! She is from Santiago Chile….oh ya, I almost forgot the coolest thing. We went and visited a menos active he told us his story . He said that he was the first one to be baptized by the first missionaries that came to town. Even crazier is that one of the missionaries was a gringo from Utah and a Chilean from Santiago. We thought that was so cool that we get to re-open the area with a gringa from Utah and Chilean from Santiago :)
I don’t have pictures from this week because it was crazy with all the traveling and the new things but hopefully when we get everything a little more organized don’t worry I will send you pictures!
Oh and Holly…yes the choripan I ate that day had all sorts of things on it…egg, cabbage… I don’t know if I told you guys I ate blood sausage the other day….blehhh I think it was the texture that got me, it’s not on my list of recommendations. I’m sure that sometimes I don’t even know what I’m eating and in some cases it’s probably better that way at least until after I have eaten it :)
Oh snap it’s time to run…time flys while I write and I feel like I didn’t write anything worth while sorry :(
Have a good week I love you all tons and tons and bunches and bunches! I miss you all so much!
I love you to Argentina and back :) I love you all! XOXOXOXO
Your bailey


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